4 months

September 6, 2012
Everyone says it. You hear it over and over and over again, but that's because it's completely true... Children grow up WAY too fast!

Chelsea likes:
Being held by Mommy and Daddy
Looking at herself in the mirror
Looking at faces (especially when those faces open their mouths really wide!)
Mommy's singing
Playing with Daddy
Lying on her tummy (finally!)
Having laughing sessions with Mommy (taking turns laughing at one another)
Sucking her fingers, binki, and most anything else
Making sounds like a dinosaur

Chelsea doesn't like:
When she can't see Mommy
When Mommy rushes her feeding
Baths (sometimes she likes them, sometimes she doesn't)

She's still deciding if she likes playing in water or not. I'll let you know once she decides. Andrew and I took her to the Splash Pad the other day and her face does a pretty good job of conveying her indecisiveness. I love our little one!

Like the hat? Tutorial available if you want it!

What do your kiddos like? Comment and share!

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