June 5, 2009

September 23, 2012
This family timeline post is about my first real date with Andrew.

So I don't actually have a real journal entry for this day, but I'll tell you what I remember from memory... *insert awesome 90s fade out/fade in camera trick

Susan: Wow it sure is raining a lot!
Roommate: Yeah. Look at the parking lot! It's turned into a pool!
Susan: No kidding! I'm going to go dance in it.

Pause. Don't judge. I was barely 19 years old, okay? And you know what, I still would go dance in the rain so ha!

Susan: Wow I can't believe it's raining so much! I'm going to go over to Alpine (boys apartment complex) and see if Jared wants to come out in the rain with me.
*ring ring*
Susan: Hello?
Deep sexy voice: Hi is this Susan?
Susan: Yes! Who is this?
DSV: Oh, uh, this is Bob.
Susan: Oh hi Bob. How are you?
Bob: Good. Haha! Just kidding. This is Andrew.
Susan: Hey Andrew! What's up?
Andrew: Nothing. I just wanted to ask you a question.
Susan: Oh, well I'm on my way over to your apartment complex anyway, do you want to just talk to me when I get there?
Andrew: Uhhh... Okay.
Susan: Great! See you soon!

Pause: Totally didn't occur to me that he was going to ask me on a date, otherwise I would not have just come over.

*Susan shows up on doorstep SOPPING wet
*Knock knock knock*
Andrew: Hey Susan. You wanna come in?
Susan: No. I'll just stay out here. I don't want to get your house wet.
Andrew: Okay. Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date tonight to go see a movie.
Susan: Oh. Uh. Yes. *awkwardness of entire situation dawning on Susan* Can I go home and take a shower first?
Andrew: Yeah. The movie doesn't start until later so you've got time.
Susan: Okay. Great. I'll go home and get ready then.
So I went home like it was Christmas and got ready in record time!
We saw the movie "Up" and afterwards stopped at the grocery store because Andrew's roommate (the same one I had gone on a date with before-ironic) needed something. At that point, Andrew bought me a chocolate bar and afterwards took me home. I texted him later and thanked him for the fantastic date and said that I had a great time. He replied and said that I had forgotten my chocolate bar.
Andrew: I guess that will just give you more motivation to come to my soccer game tomorrow morning. :)
I went to his game and I can't remember if he won or not, but I remember that I liked the way he ran and the way his body moved to get to the ball, the same way he moved smoothly into my heart.

Cheese cheese!

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