Doula Chats: Emotional Signposts

July 25, 2022


How do we predict your exact due date? Dilation? Effacement? Baby’s station? Contraction patterns? Unfortunately, none of these can tell us exactly what day your baby will come. What about how long your birthing time will be?

Just like we can’t predict what day you’ll have your baby, we can’t predict how long your birthing time will be, but we can observe and pick up on different clues throughout your birthing time that can give us an idea of how things are going. How? Dilation, effacement, baby’s station, and contraction patterns can be helpful clues, but these numbers can change rapidly or very slowly. I’ve personally been one of those mothers who went from 7cm dilated to delivery in 15 minutes! I’ve also seen mothers sit at 8cm dilated for hours. A better clue is what we call emotional signposts.


Doula Chats: 4 Positions for Body Birth Prep

July 18, 2022

Over the past couple of months I have been intrigued with learning about what can be done during pregnancy that will lead to better birth outcomes beyond taking your prenatal vitamins. We know that birth is a physical event and is often compared to running a marathon, so it only makes sense that just as training for a marathon will help you successfully complete all 26.2 miles with better recovery, training for childbirth will result in the same.

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