June 30, 2013
We have finally moved! Great news, I know. No one is more excited than I am, however, my life is kind of crazy right now. Here are some of the things I have learned from my moving experience thus far. Some of these tips I did right and some of them I learned from trial and error. Take it for what it is.

1. Start collecting boxes now:
You'd be surprised how difficult boxes can be to find.

2. Visualize:
Visualize your new home and think of how you want the furniture set up, so when moving time comes, you can tell the movers exactly where you want the furniture rather than do the moving yourself.

3. Begin packing and cleaning early:
But not too early. I started packing 2.5 weeks early and that was probably a little premature. 1 week is probably enough. The more you clean, the less you'll have to do on moving day.

4. Begin by packing unnecessary items:
Starting with shampoo and your toothbrush is probably not the right course.

5. Pack in boxes:
Boxes are kind of a generic shape and are less awkward to carry.

6. Use good tape and mark:
Get some good tape (Scotch Tape is a pretty dang good brand) for your boxes and use a permanent marker to write the general items located in the box and in large lettering, where that box of items is to be dropped off (visualizing also helps here).

7. Find a babysitter and call friends:
Even if your friends won't answer the phone because they don't want to help, try rounding up a group of people some to help. Family is also a good resource. If you have a child, arrange for a babysitter (thank you Mariasha and Emily!).

8. Plan for an extra $30-$50 to go towards "Thank you" food:
We decided to go with doughnuts in the morning and pizza with water in the afternoon

9. Never EVER dress up for a move:
You're moving! No one cares what you look like when you're moving. Besides, it's better that people think "Wow. New neighbors. She must be working hard because she looks pretty homely" than, "Is she crazy?! It's 100 degrees out!"

10. Set up the bed first:
When you're done, you're gonna wanna lie down. Definitely set up the baby's bed right away because putting the baby to bed at 10PM is not ideal.

11. Take time to enjoy the moment:
Remember. You're MOVING! It's a new place to call your own! New adventures and exciting new stories to tell people from your old residence! New friends to make and new places to explore! Just another step in your journey. Enjoy it!

12. Don't stress:
Take your time unpacking and organizing everything.

13. Remember that items can be moved:
You don't need everything packed away in it's perfect place right at the get go. Put them where you think you want them and then move them later if you want.

14. Pace yourself:
You don't have to re-design every room in your house the moment you step in. Take baby steps and tackle one project at a time.

15. Be grateful:
Be sure to say thank you to your help... A lot. Couldn't have done it all without you. Thank you Hayden, Lauren, Josh, Mariasha, Emily, and Andrew! You're welcome over any time, and next time, I'll get you ice cream (Lauren).

Thanks everyone for your support! This past couple weeks has been crazy, but your enthusiasm has really helped me remember what an exciting stage of life this is! Thanks for that.
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June 27, 2013
Unfortunately, I was unable to get any photos of the cabin where we stayed at Bass Lake, but I got plenty of photos at the lake! We have learned that Chelsea LOVES sand and she even got to meet ducks for the first time.
But before all the fun, kayaking, and sand goodness, Andrew, my father-in-law, and I went for a run at 7:00. We ran 2.7 miles from the cabin to the lake where we stopped for a dip in the crystal clear, blue, mountain lake water before running 2.5 miles back. Andrew and I were a little hesitant to jump in the water, but Drew's dad insisted saying, "When will you get another chance like this?" And that did it.
And that concludes our trip to California! The day after this, we were in the car headed back home to Utah to prepare for moving into our new home which is happening on Saturday! Can't wait to update you on everything else that's going on in our lives. It's busy, but it's good.
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June 26, 2013
I know it's not among the 7 wonders of the world, but Yosemite is definitely a sight to see.


P.S. Remember my Maxi Skirt tutorial? Well I now have the maxi skirts available in my Etsy shop! Come on by and check it out!


June 24, 2013
Did you know that to get from Salt Lake City, Utah to San Diego, California it takes about 11 hours? And then from San Diego to Yosemite, approximately 6 hours? From Yosemite back to Salt Lake, around 12 hours? I didn't either.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely. Welcome to Summer California Vacation Update Week! I've chosen pictures from three different places to share with you. Today, Oceanside California. Put on your bathing suits because surf's up!

Catch ya in Yosemite!



June 23, 2013
Yesterday I ran in the Color Me Rad 5K in Salt Lake City and I learned a couple things. Mostly about how this is definitely NOT a race to take seriously, that you should definitely run it with a friend (SO sad Corey was feeling sick), and how sprinting as fast as you possibly can at the end might make you feel a little sick when you cross the finish line, but hearing a little boy say "Wow! She's fast!" and the person you're passing say, "Oh, whatever," is totally worth it. I'm not sure what my time was on this race because, like I said, it definitely is NOT one of those serious races, but I think it was somewhere around 24 minutes, so not bad! Next time, I think I'd like to try a 10K or half marathon. Maybe next year's resolution!
Sadly, no before pictures this time, but just imagine my shirt as pure white and my face and body not sweating and you got it.

 I was so grateful that Andrew and Chelsea were able to come out and support me, even if Chelsea was a little disinterested.

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June 22, 2013
Here's the biggest struggle I have with blogging:
My sense of timing always seems to slip away from me.
For instance, were you aware that yesterday was the first day of summer? Well, I was, but what I wasn't aware of, was that yesterday was June 21st. This whole month has been a blur, and yet, so memorable at the same time.
So to make amends for my time-sense-slippiness, I am celebrating the first day of summer today. And what better way than enjoying a nice 5K Salt Lake City Color Me Rad run in the morning and 7-11 slurpie in the afternoon? Well, actually, I can think of a few other things I'd rather be doing on the first make-up day of summer (except for the slurpie part). Here's my list of top 10 to do's this summer:

TA-DA! Can you believe I've been keeping this a secret for so long? Andrew and I have actually been home owners for nearly a month and I haven't even told you! We haven't moved in yet because our sellers needed to find a house still when we made an offer on their home (we snatched it up as quickly as possible) so we let them rent the house from us for a month. But next weekend, we are moving into our own home where I can craft and decorate as I please! Of course, I have to live through packing first. Wish me luck!



June 19, 2013
Thank you everyone for your comment love on my last couple of posts. I was so happy with how Lauren's dress and my re-designed beach dress turned out and it helps when I get positive feedback from lovelies like you!
As promised, I've finally got a tutorial for you! These maxi skirts are SUPER popular, so of course, I had to find out how to make them on my own.

You will need:
1.5+ yrds of 60" wide cotton jersey knit fabric
Sewing machine
Thread (all purpose polyester)
Measuring tape
Double needle (opt. but recommended)

IMPORTANT! Do not cut your fabric to include seam allowance. Cut your fabric to your exact measurements and the fabric will stretch to fit you.

*Please consider washing and drying your fabric before starting! I made the mistake of sewing first and my skirt SHRUNK. A LOT.

Step 1: Measure
Measure around your hips and buttox where you are the widest. Make sure it is a true measurement, not too tight or too loose.
Next, measure from where you want the top of your skirt to be to the floor with one or two extra inches for a hem.

Step 2: Cut, math, and mark - Skirt and Waistband
Cut the 1.5+ yards of fabric in half and 10" off the top of each piece for the waistband.

Fold one large fabric piece in half with the stretch/pattern going horizontally.

You are now going to cut out a trapezoid for the front panel of your skirt.
Divide your hip/buttox measurement by four.
Use a pin to mark this spot (measure away from the fold).

Step 3: Cut - Skirt
Cut a straight line from top where you measured and pinned to the corner of the folded fabric to make a trapezoid.
Folded out, it should look like this:

Repeat this step to make the back panel of your skirt.

Step 4: Measure, mark, and cut - Waistband
Divide your hips/buttox measurement by two.
Cut your 10" waistband pieces to that measurement.
Fold one waistband piece in half, hot dog style, pattern running horizontally.
Measure 1 inch in from each end along the fold and make a mark.
Cut from that mark along the fold to the outer corner on each side.

Folded out, your waistband pieces will look like this:

Repeat for second waistband piece.

Step 5: Sew - Waistband
Pin the two waistband pieces with right-sides together along the ends.
Use a straight stitch to sew them together with a 1/2" seam allowance, turning at the corner.
Open and fold the waistband with right sides out.
Set waistband aside.

Step 6: Sew - Skirt
Pin the sides of your skirt pieces with right-sides together.
Sew using a double needle with a 1/2" seam allowance, or straight stitch with a 1/2" seam allowance and zig-zag stitch the outside edge.

Step 7: Skirt and Waistband - UNITE!
Fold waistband in half with wrong-sides together.
Drop the skirt inside the waistband, aligning the raw edges.

Sew with a double needle or straight stitch, then zig zag stitch along outside edge.
Try the skirt on and cut and/or hem the bottom of your skirt to the correct length.
*Note: Some jersey-knit fabrics fray, and some do not. Mine does not so I did not bother hemming.


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