June 17, 2013
Hey all! I'm back from my little vacation with my family in California, and I gotta say, the break was much needed. If you follow me via instagram, twitter, or facebook, you'll have seen that we were very busy and had a lot of fun, but all that news will have to wait until I recover from the 34+ hours I spent in the car throughout the week... Oi...
So here's a little somethin' somethin' that just gives a little taste of what we did on our vacation. If you're in California, it's a given that you'll take a trip to the beach and what better way to make a statement (before you get salt and sand caked in your hair, clothes, and other undesirable spots) than wearing your beach finest? Here's mine.
Remember my J-Lo dress I made? I called it that because I saw J-Lo wearing a dress like it in a movie. Well, I got tired of it's look so I transformed it and I gotta say, I like the makeover. What do you think?

Hat, sunglasses, shoes, and belt - Forever 21
Dress - Chevron & Lace
Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to share everything that went down this week, plus, I've finally got that skirt tutorial that I've been promising all set and ready to go. What an exciting week!

See you Wednesday!


  1. Sue... I love you!! I want a re-designed J-Lo dress... you are amazing! PS... My dad says he wants you to make him a custom camera strap... for free... because he's cheap... but for real, if you tell me how much that would cost me I might consider saving up for a b-day present! Love you!

  2. Thanks Sam and KaLa!
    I'd love to make him a custom camera strap. Send me an e-mail or call me or something, k?
    Hugs right back atcha KaLa!


  3. Ooh I remember seeing your photos on instagram!! :D Was it warm enough at the beach? :D

    I do love the makeover of the dress.

    1. You must know San Diego! Yes, the water wasn't exactly as warm as we hoped, but the sun wrapped us in its warm embrace and we loved it... Plus, I'm an Idahoan at heart and I'm used to the freezing cold water.



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