June 20, 2009

September 30, 2012
This is probably one of my favorite journal entries! June 20, 2009 is the day Andrew and I decided to date each other exclusively...

Well, it's kind of official now. Andrew and I are actually dating. We held hands for the first time last night and we had a "DTR" (Determine the Relationship) tonight after our date. Here's how the hand-hold went...
We were watching "Goonies," and I totally had my hand out and ready for him, and I knew that he would be okay with holding it, because we had talked on Thursday night and I knew that he liked me. Anyway, so he made NO moves for the longest time! At one point of the movie, I observed out loud, jokingly,
    "Oh! He's holding her hand!" Andrew replied,
    "No he's not," sarcastically. Then he said, "Wait, are you implying something?"
    "No." I responded automatically. So that happened, then finally, towards the end, I said something like, "Can we be friends, Andrew?" I tickled the underside of his arm, just below his hand a little, and he grabbed mine and said,
    "But we're friends on facebook."
    "That's as far as it can go," and that was it. Kind of a funny way to have a first hand hold, but this whole relationship has been kind of funny. When he walked me home, he held my hand again as well, but I had to ask him to. What a dork! ;)
For our date, he came and "picked me up" at 5:45. We went to his apt. and had Papa Murphey's. Shaun and Andrea were our double. After we ate dinner, we played Wii since we still had an hour until we would go to "Guitar's Unplugged." After Guitar's Unplugged, Andrea left Shaun to go dance with her roommates and Shaun, Andrew, and I walked back to their apartment.
    So after we got back to the apt., Andrew and I went to get Ice Cream at BRC's, which was delicious! Then we started just driving around a bit. As we were driving, I decided to start the "DTR,"  because I was super confused. I started out by just saying that I was super confused about things and I just was wondering what his thought process exactly was. I tried to explain my question better without being completely and open (trying to protect myself from pain and embarassment if I was wrong), but I still couldn't explain it well enough. He then said something like,
    "I know what your trying to ask, but I'm letting you work it out in your mind." Now, I didn't realize this at the time, but now that I think about it, I think that he meant that he wanted to give me time to really think about my question and decide if I really wanted to ask him it. Anyway, so I finally just said it. I think I said,
    "Alright, then. Do you want a relationship with me?" I was so confused about what he wanted. So that's how the conversation started. We continued to talk and he told me that he was thinking about how I was going to BYU next winter and stuff and that he wasn't the type of guy to "sit here, and try to talk you out of going to BYU, because I believe that that's your choice, and you need to pray about it and decide if it's right for you." He just has this side of him that pops up every now-and-again that I love! I told him that I was so confused because sometimes I felt like he liked me, and other times, not, so I was wondering what it was about me that he liked. He told me that he liked my smile, that it was the first thing that he noticed, and the first thing that Shaun noticed (he just threw that one in there).

He also said that he liked that I was always so positive, happy, and was always doing something. I wasn't always just sitting at home doing nothing. Along with those things, he said that he liked that I had a testimony and could express it. Oh! And he said that he thought that I was talented and liked that.
    I also asked him about things that we could do in public, like if he was okay with holding hands and stuff. He said that he definitely didn't like PDA, but he was okay with holding hands and having his arm around me and stuff, but just not kissing and stuff like that, which I totally agree about. He also said that he hasn't really been holding my hand because he hasn't really gotten into the habit of it, but that he was okay with it. Also, I asked him if he wanted a relationship (in general, this was before I asked if he wanted one with me) and he said that he had been home from his mission for two years now and had only dated one girl, and he wants a family and everything, but if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. So that made me feel much better.
    I think that the reason why I'm always so surprised by him is that he's so manly, but he has a sensitive side to him that I'm never expecting. He seriously intrigues me. That's probably why I've liked him for as long as I have, since I normally don't do that. I lose interest so fast. The thing with this relationship now, is that I need to just calm down and relax. I need to stop thinking so much and just go with the flow. Everything is just so much better when I stop worrying so much.
    So, anyway, we finally got out of the car and walked to the apt., holding hands (he grabbed mine). We sat on the couch and he showed me pictures of his mission and it was so much fun. I really had a good time hearing about his mission, all the people, and the things that he did. I absolutely just loved it.
    When he walked me home, we held hands again, and we said goodnight and he left, no kisses or anything. I, of course, told my roommates when I got home that I was now in a relationship, but I decided to text Andrew really quick anyway and just make sure it was okay. I said,
    "So am I allowed to tell my roommates that I have a boyfriend, then?" He replied,
    "Haha! Of course!" I was so happy! I can hardly believe it! I'm finally in a REAL relationship. It's so different than any other I've had, and I'm okay with that. It's worth it to me. I've realized something today... I realized that, even though sometimes I'm unsure of things that Andrew does and I don't know how well everything's going to happen, 1.) I'm willing to try, and he is, too and thinks that even though it may not last long, we want to try anyway, and 2.) relationships take work. There might be hard times between the two of us, but the hard times are what make a relationship all the stronger. I'm not saying get into intentional hard times, of course, but if they happen to arise, just remember that there's a way to get through those hard times, and I look forward to (I know this sounds corny, but whatever!) the times that we'll share together.

*Yes, old Sue, yes. It is corny!


  1. What a precious love story. I think it's cute that he wasn't all hand-holdy at the beginning. I was the first one to hold my husband's hand (eons ago when he was just my boyfriend). So cute & gushy!

    1. Embarrassing, too, but it's our love story and I love the story... Yeah. Thanks!

  2. Love hearing these details! I wish I could've heard them while they were happening! So fun! Please tell more!

    1. I would have been WAY too embarrassed to tell you the details at the time! I'm embarrassed now just re-reading! I want to hear the detail of YOUR story!


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