Barrett Stange

February 21, 2016
He is finally here! After 41 weeks of waiting, our little Barrett finally decided to show up! Not that he had much choice about it since we decided to induce him. He is so perfect and looks so much like his sisters to me. It was pretty apparent from the moment he came out that he got Chelsea's lips!

So, I want to share his birth story, but I don't think I'll have time to get it all written as a blog post today. I'll have to defer that for later, but here's a preview!

My sis-in-law has made it a tradition to arrive within 10 minutes after my babies are born and she didn't disappoint this time either! I'm so glad she is able to come take photos of these precious moments for us!

Can't wait to share how it all went down with you!

Happy Sunday!

Barrett's birth story:

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