Dear Chelsea,

February 13, 2016
Life is about to get a little crazy. Adding a new baby to our family isn't going to be easy, but I take some comfort knowing that you've done this before and you're older now. You know *better* how to share my attention, and you have become the BEST little helper. I just know that you and your baby brother are going to share a really special bond.

You know that I'll miss being able to spend as much time with you when he comes than I do now, but I'm going to try really hard to make time for one-on-one time. You make me laugh every day, you know that? You've gotten so good at laughing at yourself and your mistakes, and you've made some real progress with your independence that I know will be so helpful, especially when baby brother comes, like choosing and putting on your own clothes! I was really proud of you this morning when you came upstairs fully dressed and with a twinkle of pride in your eye. There was a twinkle in mine, too.

This morning, you woke up and started talking to Daddy through the vent. It was hilarious to listen to you, Dad, and Alexa jab at each other, asking how the other was doing, what they were doing, and to come upstairs. Sometimes it was hard to tell your voice and Alexa's apart, to be honest. Alexa is growing, too.

You drew me the CUTEST picture today of our family. Dad had Alexa on his shoulders, Mom had baby brother in her tummy, and you were "walking around our house." It is probably my favorite picture you've drawn to date, but you were pretty upset when I took down one of your old pictures to make room for this one. It's hard to put old art away! I wish I could display it all!

With baby just a few days off, Dad and I have been thinking even harder about what his name will be. I'm still leaning towards Barret (Barrett?) the most so that his nick-name will be Barry, but every time I bring that up, you say "that's a girl's name!"

You are so good at quiet time, girl! And I love the time I get to spend with just you before you're on your own. We made a parade the other day with Legos lining the street and Beanie Babies, characters from Frozen and 101 Dalmations, zoo animals, and ponies as spectators. It is so much fun to see your creativity!

Still as active as ever! You keep everyone in this household fit! Today you told me that you were faster than I am. That might be true... for now...

I hope you know how much I love you, Chelsea. I'm not a perfect mom, but I sure do love you, and getting to spend all day with you? I promise that there's no where else I'd rather be.

Love you Chels!

^^i love ALL of your silliness!^^

P.S. It was really fun to go through the photos on my phone today and discover all of the places you'd gone and the things you thought were important enough to document, like the rug, the Beanie Babies, your toes... You know. The really important stuff!


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