Barrett's Birth Story: Part II - Stange Sisters meet baby brother

February 26, 2016
There is nothing like finally meeting the little person you've carried for nine months and holding their little warm bodies against your skin for the very first time. I looked into the face of my beautiful baby boy, absolutely beaming inside.

And then he peed on me.

Haha! I didn't care.

He looked so much like Chelsea to me, but with his own little flair! I think it was mainly the big lips.

Breastfeeding Barrett was a little tricky at first. I tried for a solid 45 minutes or so before he finally latched on. My nurse suggested later that it might have been because of the bruising he sustained on his face from such a speedy delivery. Just about the only thing bad about quick deliveries.

By the time we got into the recovery room, it was past nine, so the girls definitely wouldn't be meeting their new baby brother until the next day.

The meeting between Chelsea, Alexa, and Barrett was one of the sweetest experiences of my life. It was also a little stressful trying to keep Alexa from loving on baby brother too much, but regardless, Andrew and I couldn't stop smiling.

Chelsea wanted to hold Barrett right away and was so sweet with him. "Awwww! Look at his cute wittle toes!" "Isn't he adowable?"

Alexa wanted to kiss his head over and over again, hold him, hug him, poke him, and name all of his body parts as she poked. "NOSE!"

Barrett is so lucky to have two older sisters who love him so much!

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