Thoughts on the due date: Baby 3

February 11, 2016
Ta-da! 40 weeks! Let me tell you how I'm feeling...

Remember that great list of ways to help the last little bit before your due date go by easier? Well, it works. Especially the "keeping yourself busy" part. The last two days stunk because I wasn't doing anything productive. At all. Once I started organizing my craft room and keeping busy, it got easier.

Joanna and Chip Gaines? Thank you for brightening my life every time you come on the screen. I love escaping into the hilarious life and relationship of you two at least once a week.

To schedule an induction, or not to schedule an induction? I'll think about that next week if the babe still hasn't come.

Ya know, Tuesday would be a really great day to have this baby. I could have the baby Tuesday, stay in the hospital for a couple days, and Mom could come Thursday, since she works in the temple on Wednesdays.

I wonder how big he'll be. Will he be about the same size as his sisters or will he be bigger?

Andrew made me feel really good last night when he asked "Hasn't there been a study done that babies who stay in the womb longer are usually better sleepers and less whiny?" Not sure if that's true, but you helped me feel better. I love you, Babe!

Andrew's birthday is next week on the 17th. What shall I get you... Just kidding, I already know what I want to get you. ;)

Whenever I feel a little overwhelmed at meal times trying to serve everyone, I can't help but think, "What am I going to do with three?"

I love that I feel like I've gotten to a point where I have my kids and our life figured out (on time to church every week, spend good quality time with each and they'll be good for me, stick with a routine) and now we're going to throw another little one in the mix. Awesome. Starting over again! It'll be fun.

I love when my girls play nicely together and I can hear their sweet little giggles!

I'm sure I'll miss all the crying and refereeing someday.

Let's plan the newborn shoot! Just need some greenery and maybe a cute little stuffed animal, I think, but what am I going to wear?

Has it really been nearly 5 years since I graduated from college? Time to renew that certification! It might be kind of fun to go back to school for 6 credits!

Oh how I wish Chelsea would like the clothes I buy her. I bought her the CUTEST skirt and shirt last night and she said, "Maybe I'll like it in 100 days."

I am so grateful that I have so many good and kind people in my life! I love you ALL!

Let's get going, baby! We're all excited to meet you! Until then, I'll try to be patient and subdue myself by looking at pictures of  your sisters when they were babies.



What a blessing these little babes are! I can NOT wait to find out how this little boy fits in! See you soon little man!

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