Yosemite – Vernal Falls, Yosemite Falls, Camping shirts + Free Stencils

June 23, 2016
Jun 7

They're kind of like Family Reunion shirts, but all different and specifically for camping! I love all of our shirts! Some of the designs I made myself, others I borrowed. From thee interr-net.
*stay wild

Have you ever made your own graphic t-shirt before? They're actually really easy! I've made quite a few now. The droid shirts I made for Star Wars Day might be my favorite and are definitely my kid's favorites!
click here to see my "mermaids have more fun" tee!

So what do you need to make these shirts?

pre-washed t-shirt
freezer paper
piece of cardstock
camping stencils
*click here for the stay wild stencil
X-Acto Knife
fabric paint (or acrylic paint + fabric medium)
foam brush

First, print out your stencil on the matte side of the freezer paper. Feel free to adjust the sizing as needed. If you tape the freezer paper to a piece of cardstock, it goes through your printer smoothly.

Use the X-Acto knife to cut out the stencil, keeping any of the "embellishment" pieces.

Lay out your tee on a flat surface and slide a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the paint won't leak through. Cut a second piece of freezer paper the size of your stencil and slide that, shiny-side-up on top of the cardboard. Center your stencil on the t-shirt with all of its embellishment pieces (matte-side-up) and iron. The stencil will adhere to the freezer paper beneath the layer of fabric so you can dab the fabric paint easily.

Use your foam brush to gently dab the fabric paint to the t-shirt, over the stencil. For dark-colored t-shirts, apply 2-3 coats. For lighter colored t-shirts, one coat should be enough.

Allow to dry and follow the directions on the fabric paint for the rest! It usually asks you to let it dry, then use the steam setting on your iron to set the fabric paint into the shirt.

And voila! Your shirt is done and you are ready to post a million pictures on instagram of you and your cute family camping!

insert "laughing so hard i'm crying" face emoji here!

Alexa falling asleep while in the backpack is one of my favorite parts of this day, but seeing all the blue jays and being about 10 yards away from a deer were really cool, too! Sorry. No picture of that.

love my hunk of a husband!

The Vernal Falls hike is my second favorite! It's a little more difficult than Sentinel Dome, but not too bad. You can hike all the way up to the head of the falls and then beyond to the Upper Falls, but I've only ever been half way.

Yosemite Falls is more like a walk. We did with our double stroller. Didn't get a good pic of us in front of the falls because there were a ton of people and Barrett wasn't a fan of the water spray! Haha!

By-the-way, traveling with friends is the way to go! Not only did we have a great time with them, but you've also got someone to trade photography services with! Thanks for getting pics of our family for us, Ryan!

We love Yosemite!!!

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