Yosemite – Sentinel Dome and Glacier Point

June 22, 2016
Jun 6

We woke up probably around 7:00 and took our time getting ready and getting the kiddos in the car. The Carnohan's squeezed into the back seat of our mini van quite nicely!

The drive to Sentinel Dome is a little long, but the hike is short and worth every minute of being in the car, even if your baby cries for half the drive.

my little mushroom baby!

I was actually feeling pretty sick to my stomach that morning (not sure why) and was planning on carrying Barrett, but then when I felt the pressure of him against my stomach, I was like uh uh. I'd better take Alexa. We strapped her into the hiking backpack, said a quick prayer, and I pretended that I wasn't feeling sick.

I loved carrying Alexa up to the top! It was like someone had attached a little radio chatterbox to my back and it was playing the Star Wars Darth Vader song on repeat. "Dum dum dum dum da-dum dum da-dum!" Haha! I seriously loved it and I think it helped me take my mind off of the pain in my stomach until it disappeared completely! Prayer works, friends.

Chelsea was so awesome throughout the entire trip! She walked and hiked just as much as the adults and didn't. complain. once. Not even kidding. She is a superhero, ball of energy.

breastfeeding on the top of the world with a view like this? nothing like it.

I now refer to Ryan Carnohan as Mr. Sunshine because NOTHING gets him down. He's always got a song to sing and a positive perspective on whatever situation! Take little E's costume change, for example:

So we had three situations up on Sentinel Dome.

Situation number 1: E has a blowout. Hence the costume change. They used Ryan's sweater to change E which resulted in a few good poop stains! Haha!

Situation number 2: Chelsea decides she wants to race Ryan down the rock face of the dome and takes off before he has a chance to tell her not to. Thank goodness she used some judgement before she took off like a shot and ran the direction where the ground leveled out before the sheer dropoff, but that didn't eliminate all chances of injury. I was down feeding Barrett when it all happened and she was running down to me, so I saw her trip and face-plant. I thought for sure there would be blood and a broken nose, but, miraculously, Chelsea had face-planted in the one spot on the dome that was a patch of sand about the size of my face. Guardian angels exist.

Situation number 3: Barrett has a blowout! Hahaha! It was so funny! Luckily it wasn't too bad, he didn't even soil his clothes, but he did get Daddy's! We used Ryan's sweater, which is now affectionately referred to as the poop sweater, to lay him on top of and got all that taken care of, too. These kids... We're never going to let them grow up without sharing that story a million times, haha!

After our hike, we drove in the car for a bit longer to Glacier point where we basically took a few pictures, then went back to the car for lunch. A lunch that was supposed to be sandwiches, but the boys forgot to pack knives for spreading the PB + J, haha! We just had Pringles, apples, and other snacks instead.

poop stain!!!  

Mr. Sunshine and not-so-sun-shiny Alexa! Can't remember why she was crying.

Our first day in Yosemite was definitely one for the books! It might sound funny, but I love the little things that go wrong on trips! They're the things that make the vacation entertaining and memorable. Of course we'll remember the amazing views and pride we had in ourselves when we reached the top, but every time we look at these pictures or take another trip to Yosemite, we'll say, "Remember that time E and Barrett had blowouts? And you forgot to pack knives to make our sandwiches?" I know I have a lot of those kinds of memories from vacations when I was a kid. Crazy that now Andrew and I are the ones creating these memories for our children.

To be continued...

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