Bloom Headwraps – Product Review

June 3, 2016
*discount code for 25% off if you read 'til the end!

I'm so excited I get to post about Bloom Headwraps today! I've been following her on Instagram for a long time and have always loved her products! I bought a couple of headwraps/bands from Haley at Christmastime for my girls (Alexa wore it in this photo shoot - similar) and was all heart eyes when I saw these pom pom headwraps!

I've known Haley since college when we were roommates at BYU-I (my favorite set of roommates EVER!) She is the sweetest, most fun lady around. For reals! She's from Arizona and has two of the cutest little kiddies you ever saw! She makes all of the headwraps and bands herself and started when she was still in high school on Etsy! Now she's grown and gotten quite the following! She's transitioned from Etsy and has her own webpage where she sells her stuff. You might have seen her headwraps on the models for Kortni Jeane Swimmers.

Now for some details. So, the headwraps came in a regular 'ol mailing package, but when I opened it up, they were wrapped in this cute paper and string, which meant that the items were even more protected from getting dirty or stuck to the envelope sealing or whatever. Plus, I love little details that just make a product even more special!

My package also came with a really sweet card! That's it in the background.

When I opened it up, there were the headwraps and her business card.

The taupe and cream with stripes head wraps are SO soft and are knit, so they have a really good stretch to them so that they fit my girls and me. The white and blackish-blue grid pattern headwrap is a little stiffer, made of some kind of polyester fabric that also gives a good stretch.

I was a little nervous about having to re-tie the headwraps, that I'd untie them, then never be able to get the knot just right ever again, but it was no problem! Plus, Haley posts how-tos on tying headwraps on her Instagram occasionally, like this one.

Once I got over my initial fear of re-tying the headwraps, I finally put them on my little girls and oh my goodness... They've never looked cuter. Just look!

I especially love the headwrap for Alexa since she is basically as bald as the day she was born. Haha!

Hop on over and get some for your little girlies (or yourself) for 25% off using the code SUSAN25
We love our Bloom Headwraps! Thank you Haley!


  1. Super cute. I wish my girls would leave their headbands on!

    1. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it's a bit of a chore to convince my girls keep theirs on, too! I find that when I have really cute headbands, or wraps in this case, I'm more motivated to consistently remind them to keep them on!


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