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April 10, 2016
 We love our baby Bed-det (as Alexa calls him)

All the heart eyes!

Here are some cute-isms about my kids and their relationships with each other:

Chelsea is such a great helper! As hard as she was when Alexa was born, she is making up for it this time around! She is always getting me diapers, burp rags, pacifiers, holding Barrett, bouncing him in his bouncy chair, telling me when he's hungry. Seriously. She's the best. The only concern I have from her involving Barrett is that she is a little too confident in her abilities. Haha! I caught her lying on her back once holding Barrett up in the air above her. I'm surprised her little arms were strong enough to do it! I had to remind her that she is three years old at that point.

Alexa just loves giving Barrett hugs and kisses and impromptu snuggles. Sometimes when he's crying, she'll put her hand on his mouth (gently) and say "stop cwy-ing." Haha! She really does amaze me with the breadth of her vocabulary. She's also a great share-er. Every time Chelsea goes to her with her sweet little self (she's only ever sweet with Alexa when she wants something *insert rolling eyes emoji) and asks Alexa for a bite of whatever she's eating, Alexa shares.

Barrett loves them both, I'm sure. He smiles for me the most, but Dad gets plenty of smiles, too. He takes nice long naps during the day so we all really try to take advantage of the times he's awake! He slept so well throughout this shoot! We were picking him up, handing him to new people, turning him over, scootching him this way and that way and he hardly even flinched! Haha! I love sleepy babes, don't you?

So that's how it's goin' over here! I feel like the transition from 2-3 kids is going so much better than the transitioin from 1-2, but I hear a lot of different opinions from other moms. What do you mama's out there think? Which transition was easier for you?

P.S. Happy National Sibling Day!!!!


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