Tutorial – Crib sheet... again

April 29, 2016

Hey guys! Sorry I've been kind of MIA. Chelsea's birthday is NEXT WEEK and, although I'm not really planning a party (or at least, not a big one), I've been working hard to get her birthday dress done, plus two of my friends just got back from long vacations and I wanted to catch up with them this week.

But probably the biggest reason I've been MIA is because our internet is on the fritz. I have no idea what's going on, but luckily the Ethernet cable still works so I've got a long cable trailing up my stairs to the back of my computer. Hopefully no one trips on it!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went into Hobby Lobby for some rhinestones to adjust a prom dress (I'll post some pictures because it turned out SO GOOD!) and came out with some fabric, too! I saw it and thought, "That would make a really cute crib sheet, and I probably need a new one."

So I used my old tutorial to make the sheet and it was follow-able, but I thought that I'd write a new version. So here it is! Crib Sheet Tutorial AGAIN! If you're a beginner, this is definitely a good project to start on.

You'll need
2 yards fabric
2 yards of 1/4" elastic
rotary cutter and mat (suggested)
scissors, thread, etc.

The measurements of a standard sized crib mattress are 52" tall, 6" thick, and 27" wide. To figure out what dimensions to cut your fabric, add the height/width plus two times the thickness and three more inches for seam and "hugging" allowance.

52+6+6+3 = 67"
27+6+6+3 = 42"

Cut squares out of all four corners. Each square should be 8.5"

Use a zig zag stitch around all the edges - including the edges where you cut out the squares - to prevent any fraying (or if you're one of the privileged ones, use your wonderful, beautiful serger and know that I envy you.)

Stitch the corners of the crib sheet by pinning together the two edges created when you cut out the squares (right-sides together).

Create a casing around all edges (all four sides) of the sheet by folding under the fabric and using a 3/8" seam allowance. Make sure you leave about an inch un-stitched so you can slide your elastic inside.

Skewer one end of the 2 yards of elastic to help you slide the elastic all the way around the sheet. Work the elastic around until it comes out where it entered. Sew the ends of the elastic together and stitch the 1-inch casing opening shut. DONE!

It's probably one of the easiest projects I have EVER done. In my life. And one you can easily start and finish in the span of one naptime. I wrote a tutorial on how to make a crib bed skirt and bumper pads, too (if you still use those, I know there are conflicting reports about bumper-pad-safety). Click here to navigate to all of them!

Thanks so much for stopping by! See you again soon!


  1. I can't believe I've never attempted to make a fitted crib sheet. You made it look simple enough, like even I could do it (I can basically only sew a straight line). It is so cute and now I want to make a bunch!!

    1. Do it!!! They are so easy, the perfect beginner's project! Thanks for commenting!


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