How we Wore it: Bright Colors

April 6, 2016
Bright colors... How do you feel about them? Do they scare you? I have to admit that they intimidate me a little, so when Deidre sent me this photo from Chic Street Style and challenged me to embrace the bright, I was a little nervous.

BUT! I'm not one to back down from a challenge or pass up trying something new! So here's my take. Straight, outta the back of my closet, no purchase necessary. I'm so glad to have re-discovered this shirt! It's been a while.

I was going to wear my heels with this outfit to more closely match the inspiration photo, but then I thought, nah. Best to be true to your mom-self, Sue. You'd never wear heels with this outfit. You only ever wear heels to church.

Speaking of church, for Easter, I decided to conquer my intimidation by bright colors once more and sew myself a bright yellow-green dress for the occasion.

the best part? it's nursing friendly with hidden buttons!

I'm thinking of calling it my softball dress since I'm fairly certain it is the EXACT same shade. My softball coach sister would be proud. Haha!

And no post would be complete without at least one photo bomb courtesy of Chelsea or one of the other kiddos!

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Catch ya later!

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  1. Both outfits are super cute! Where are your jeans from? And I love that dress! I have a hard time finding dresses that I like. Did you use a pattern or draft one yourself?

    1. Thank you Kylie! And thanks for stopping by! Your outfit is super cute, too!

      My jeans are from American Eagle and I drafted the dress pattern. I'm sure there's a pattern very similar to it out there, though. Maybe I'll make a mini tutorial for it, or at least a tutorial for how to do the hidden buttons because I learned a lot from trying that out myself. Thanks for the idea! 😘

  2. I love your yellow dress! It is so cute and perfect for springtime!


    1. Thanks Paige! I seriously LOVE your take on the inspiration photo, and I still can't believe you scored that cardigan for $21! So cute!

  3. I love both of the outfits, but especially the yellow dress! Love your take on the outfit!!! You are so cute! Saying hi from HWWI collaboration :)

    1. Aw! Thanks Sierra! The best part really is the fact that it's nursing friendly! Seriously. The. Best.

  4. Girl, you look so great in brights! I say embrace it!

    1. Haha! Thanks Brooke! I'll have to start experimenting some more!

  5. both of your outfits are really cute. it's great that you found a look that works for you as a mom. your shoes with your dress are super cute too!

    1. Thanks Aubrey! I indulge myself with heels on Sundays where I only have to wear them for three hours and am sitting most of the time!


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