June 3, 2013
This is the easiest tutorial I will EVER post on this blog. Period. All you need is an "old" pair of pants and some scissors. Pretty sure everyone knows where this is going, but just in case you're nervous and/or have some reservations about giving this a shot, let me assure you. It is very simple and much cheaper than buying some shorts at the store. Have you seen those price-tags? Yikes!

You will need:
1 pair of pants
Sewing machine and thread (optional)

Step 1: Try on and decide
Try on the pants and decide how short you want them to be. If you want a cuff on the bottom, give yourself an extra two or three inches and use a pin or some other tool to mark that spot.

Step 2: Cut
Take the pants off and fold the pant leg up to your mark so you can get a straight line. Cut straight across at that spot.

Fold the pants in half to cut the other leg.

Step 3: Done?
If you're concerned about fraying, you can sew a hem by folding the pant leg underneath and then sewing or zig-zag stitch around the leg and then fold up to a cuff so you can't see the zig-zag. And that's it!
So glad Mariasha suggested this to me while shopping the other day, but I can't believe I didn't think of it myself! Happy snipping!


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