June 23, 2013
Yesterday I ran in the Color Me Rad 5K in Salt Lake City and I learned a couple things. Mostly about how this is definitely NOT a race to take seriously, that you should definitely run it with a friend (SO sad Corey was feeling sick), and how sprinting as fast as you possibly can at the end might make you feel a little sick when you cross the finish line, but hearing a little boy say "Wow! She's fast!" and the person you're passing say, "Oh, whatever," is totally worth it. I'm not sure what my time was on this race because, like I said, it definitely is NOT one of those serious races, but I think it was somewhere around 24 minutes, so not bad! Next time, I think I'd like to try a 10K or half marathon. Maybe next year's resolution!
Sadly, no before pictures this time, but just imagine my shirt as pure white and my face and body not sweating and you got it.

 I was so grateful that Andrew and Chelsea were able to come out and support me, even if Chelsea was a little disinterested.

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