June 10, 2013
When I was 16 years old, all I listened to was Beach Boys with some other songs about California mingled in. I was completely in love with the state. More than anything, I wanted to be a beach bunny, catching the rays every day while riding the surf. Although this wasn't an option for me as a member of an already situated family, I did manage to accomplish the next best thing. I married a Californian boy!
So this week, I'm going to be soaking up the sun on the beach, watching my babe and my man build sand mountains together, and enjoying the best burgers in the world from In n Out. If you're just DYING for updates, follow me on Instagram, because this week, I'm on vacation! Look forward to a huge photo bomb post next week. Keep it real!


Couple of photos from my iPhone:


  1. Love all these pictures! New follower on your blog!

    1. Hey Kimberly! Glad to have you here! I've definitely got better ones coming up in the very near future, so stay tuned!


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