June 7, 2013
There are a lot of opinions out there about breast feeding. Do it, don't do it, it's good for them, that's gross, it's frustrating, it's a wonderful bonding time, do it for at least a year, at least two, etc. etc. As I look back on my breast feeding experience, I'm inclined to agree with many of these opinions, but not all.
The first moment possible after Chelsea was born, I held her up to my breast to breast feed for the first time and was grateful that she immediately latched on, without any problems, and stayed that way for 45 minutes. A couple of weeks, sore arms, back, and nipples later, I understood why some women choose not to breast feed. Along with the sore body parts, there was the simple frustration of not understanding why they're still crying when you're feeding them, or why they won't latch on some nights.
A few months after that, I was glad that, despite the pain and anguish, I decided to stick with it. I quickly learned that the time spent with my daughter in those intimate moments were priceless.
Now, a little more than a year later as Chelsea has grown and graduated from breast feeding, I find myself longing for those precious moments again. It wasn't really an easy decision to stop breast feeding, but as Chelsea became more and more independent, feedings grew less and less until I discovered that my body was no longer producing.
And now as I hold my little girl in my arms and sing her to sleep, I realize that although Chelsea is growing up and will someday be too old even for goodnight lullabies, there will always be special moments with my daughter. It's a gift that comes with being a mother.


  1. This is such a good reminder! I found myself getting sad as Swen turned one and is growing up. you're totally right, all stages are great and they'll always be special moments. I am a little jealous your Chelsea isn't breast feeding anymore. Swen still is and sometimes I fear he's never going to be done or ready to wean.

    1. Isn't it so funny how we mourn the passing time, but look forward so impatiently for the next step? Life is so full of contradictions, isn't it. Maybe that's what it means to be human? To be able to want what we want while wanting what we don't at the same time?


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