June 5, 2013
I don't normally do this (in fact, I don't think I've ever done it), but this blog just started up and I am definitely a fan! I've known Sam for a long time and we've had a lot of good times through the years, mostly including singing the "Titanic" song at the top of our longs, holding pretend signs that said "Available" on them, exfoliating our skin with sand... You know, the ushe. Now that I come to think about it, I only have good memories with Sam. Read this excerpt from her opening blog post and you'll see why.

"So my mom and my dad both decided that I needed to start a blog, it's their latest get-Samantha-rich-quick-so-she-won't-rely-on-us-anymore-scheme... I mean, come on guys, I'll be 24 in a week... I have at least another 10 years of dependency left in me before it becomes pathetic! Right now it's just sad, and I can live with sad!" 

"I'm trying to come up with topics to write about, right, so I'm thinking, what could I write about that might interest people? And I realize, I'm an anomaly.... I am nearly 24, I have NEVER had a boyfriend, I have NEVER been kissed, I DEFINITELY have NEVER had sex... I am a 20-something Virgin in the truest sense. Besides the fact that I have strong religious beliefs keeping me from "doing the official deed" there is no reason why these things should be a fact! So, here you have it, my topic, A day in the life of me! I figure this will serve as a cautionary tale and help other people in my sad (see still good with it) situation to not be in this position... I feel like the best way to avoid being me is to preform an in-depth study of me. This blog will probably serve as a detailed how-not-to-be journal!"

Hilarious, right? Give her a visit at . I promise you won't regret it. Sam, you're amazing! Keep those virgin blog-posts comin'! You've definitely got one loyal follower here!

I wanna give you a little low-down on the weekend, too. We were very, very busy! We went hiking, swimming, and ended it off with a date to the Real Salt Lake vs. San Jose soccer match and it was definitely one of our best dates ever!
The view from the top was pretty spectacular. It's enough to remind you of how small you really are.
MeKell with Uncle Kar Kar.
Pretty sure there's a rule somewhere about girls in workout clothes not being able to look cuter than girls not in workout clothes. Looks like SOMEBODY missed the memo!

See you Friday!



  1. Susan, I absolutely love you!!! I don't know how to thank you for this feature! You are kind of amazing, and I love your blog! You have a fan in me!!! I hope to one day be as crafty as you... don't know that it will ever happen, but I dream of it... in the mean time, I'll continue to live vicariously through you... is that ok?!

    1. Hmmm... Just sounds like another bit of virgin to me! You can most def live vicariously through me!


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