Matchy matchy!

August 27, 2012
Last week I went
To the DI
When I got there,
I thought I had died!

So many clothes
With different prints!
What is it I wanted?
I'll give you a hint.

When I go to a thrift store,
You'd better believe,
I don't look for clothes
To let them be.

I like to look
For fabric that's good
And once I walked in,
I knew that I would!

This time I went
In the section for girls
I hoped to find
A hidden pearl.

Once it was found,
I went home to sew
Matching headbands.
Cute, I know!

So what do you think?
Go ahead and say!
Comment below.
I haven't got all day!

Made from a 24 months onesie for $3.00

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