Boppy tutorial

August 15, 2012

Whether you're my size or not, this pattern should fit you.

You will need:
Tape measurer
2 feet of two kinds of fabric (or 4 feet of one for front and back)
Fiberfill (at least 20 oz)

1. Draw your pattern-inside circle: From the center to the outside at the top of the Boppy, it should be 11". Anything smaller and you probably won't be able to fit your baby on it.
a. Measure along the fold of your fabric 11". Make a mark.

b. Measure from that mark 5". Make a mark.
c. Measure from that mark 5" more. Make a mark.

d. Measure from your last mark over 4". Make a mark.
e. From mark b (the center mark), measure 8" over. Make a mark.

d. Connect marks a, d, and e in rounded lines. There's your inner circle!

2. Draw your pattern-outside line: Place your measuring tape along the fold from the top of your fabric to mark a. Follow your inside line with your measuring tape at 11" like in the photos. Gradually get smaller as you near mark c. Connect your marks with rounded lines.

3. Cut: Cut your fabric along the lines you've drawn.

4. Pin: Pin the two pieces you've cut out right sides together.

5. Stitch: With the two pieces right sides together, sew them to each other leaving about 10" of the inner circle un-sewn (so you can flip it right side-out and put fiberfill inside!)

6. Flip it: Turn it right side out.
7. Stuff it: Get your fiberfill and STUFF it into the Boppy. You want it to be pretty full so it doesn't slump under the weight of your baby.

8. Stitch: Once your Boppy is satisfactorily full, close the 10" of the inner circle and hand sew it closed (whip stitches work great!).

DONE! Seriously, this Boppy has been one of the best projects I've made for my baby. It saved my arms when I was first breastfeeding Chelsea and now it works fabulously as a tummy pillow! Happy sewing/mothering!

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