PinkBlush GIVEAWAY + Mom must-haves for Sunday

July 29, 2016
This post has been compensated by PinkBlush. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Anybody with a toddler understands that the Sabbath being a "day of rest" doesn't apply to them the way it used to. In my church, we meet for three hours. You read that right. Three. Hours. Every. Sunday. One of those hours is spent sitting in the same spot the entire time listening to somebody else talk. If you think that sounds hard, imagine how the kids feel!

The reason I do it is because I believe it's true and renewing the promises I made with God when I was baptized all those years ago helps me to remember Him throughout the week and do better.

But I'll be the first to tell you that it's no picnic! There's a lot of compelling, reminding, and distracting involved. It's hard to ask a little one to sit still and quiet for a whole hour. That's why I bring a Mary Poppins bag full of distractions (and sit by an amazing older couple that helps)!

So here are some of the Stange Family must-haves for Sunday!

For kiddies:
Water bottles
Hand sanitizer
Diapers and Wipes
Changing pad
LIMITED number/amount of toys

I try to avoid bringing snacks, but I've definitely been known to bring them when I've been desperate, and religious related coloring books and toys are preferable, but if it's a choice between fighting with my kid right before it's time to go to church or letting them take the princess coloring book, I'll let them take the princess one.

For mama:
(I'm not as high maintenance as my kiddos)

And if you're a nursing mama like me, a nursing friendly dress is a MUST! Like this one from PinkBlush!

As a mom of three, I have a healthy appreciation for clothes that are cute and fit perfectly while you're pregnant and when you're nursing. Unfortunately, they're not always easy to come by, which is why I often sew my own clothing.

PinkBlush is the exception!

PinkBlush is a women's online boutique, especially equipped for women who are pregnant or nursing. Their clothing is practical, trendy, and high-quality, making it perfect for the modern-day-mom! 

If I didn't teach the 16 and 17-year-olds who tend to notice things like clothes re-wearing, I'd don this dress every Sunday. Not only is it perfectly convenient for nursing (and very cute), it also passes the comfort-test with flying colors! It's made with a stretchy spandex fabric that gives good stretch but still resumes its original shape, so you don't have to worry about the fabric sagging over time.

I'm regularly a size small, but I decided on a size medium because I plan on wearing this dress next time I'm pregnant, but with how stretchy the fabric is, I'm sure I would have been fine with a small (*read "true to size.")

My kids love this dress almost as much as I do! They love how soft and stretchy it is, and they especially love that they can hide under it and make me a centaur! I would have taken a picture and posted it here had it not been a little questionable in taste ;)

Anyway, the point is, it's kid friendly.

And now, for the...


PinkBlush is offering one of my followers a $50 giftcard on any item in their shop! They have so much goodness available in their store (SO many cute dresses for women!) PinkBlush has something for you whether you're pregnant, nursing, or somewhere inbetween! To enter, follow me on instagram (@suesnews), and look for the giveaway post! Follow the directions from there and I'll announce the winner on Monday!

Good luck!

I don't understand it, but somehow, this four-year-old looks better in my sunglasses than I do.


  1. You look stunning in that dress! I love that these pieces can be worn basically at any stage in life (pregnant, nursing, post pregnancy, etc.) what a beautiful dress!!

  2. This dress is stunning-as are you! I never realized how hard it is to find dresses you can nurse in until I had my third baby and finally nursed her. Now that we're expecting number 4 it would great to have while I'm pregnant and then to nurse the new one :)

  3. You are just the cutest always, Sue. I love that dress on you!! Pink Blush is taking over!


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