Father's Day (finally!)

July 7, 2016
Unfortunately, Andrew was out of town on father's day this year. :( And I'm a stinky wife and didn't end up doing that special music video I was going to do for him. :(  :(

^^favorite recent pic of andrew, even if he is a little blurry! oh, how i love that smile!^^

I am so grateful to have this guy as my partner in life and parenthood. We ALWAYS even each other out! When I'm frustrated or upset, he's calm and collected. When he's frazzled and stressed, I've got it all under control. He's the provider and I take great pride in his accomplishments and abilities! He's a man of many talents, not the least of which being a GREAT listener. I know our children will especially appreciate that about him as they grow. I definitely appreciate it!

He teaches our children, leads them, is a great example, plays with them, and gives mama a break! He's my confident and my advisor, my teammate and coach, and I could not do as good a job without him.

We all have things about our husbands that drive us crazy but we secretly love (Andrew, don't read this part!) Here's a couple:

1 - Every time Andrew says "It will be fine," I know I'm in for a difficult time. It normally has to do with whether or not to bring a stroller, or another diaper, or another set of clothes.
2 - Whenever it's time for Andrew to get a hair cut, he always, ALWAYS asks for a buzz. I always say no.

Drives me crazy, but I love it! Guess I was conditioned as the youngest of 12 kids to love being teased!

Although I didn't end up doing that video,  I did make a video of the time I spent with my dad and some of my brothers that Sunday, who are among the best dads I know! Man, am I lucky to have them!

Thank you fathers!

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