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July 1, 2016
This post has been compensated by Olivia + Ocean. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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You guys. Last week was CA-RAAAAAA-ZAY! Andrew was gone. all. week. long. It was a very long week, but it was still a good one!

The weather has been nice and warm recently and since their isn't an ocean anywhere nearby in Utah, we decided on the next best thing that was nearby (and that I could handle all on my own!) The splash pad!

Chelsea LOVES the splash pad! It's so fun to watch her run up the stairs and down the slide, press the button to make the water start again when it stops, and make new friends.

The thing I love about splash pads is that your kids can kind of just run wild while you sit back and watch. You don't have to worry about them getting sucked out to sea or forgetting their life jackets. Our main worry was re-applying our sunscreen every hour or so.

i told her to give me a thumbs up and say "cool dude!"

Anyway, let me tell you about these suits, though, because I love them. A lot.

I can't remember how I discovered Danielle and Olivia + Ocean, just that we "met" on instagram and I fell in love with their baby girl swimsuits immediately! When I found out that their size 3T suits fit up to a 4 or 5T, I was like, "Yaaaaaaaassssss..."

Olivia and Ocean is a swimming suit company based out of LA. It was named after Danielle's daughter, Olivia, who works overtime as a beach babe and swimsuit model.

One thing I LOVE about Olivia and Ocean is that they are American-based with American manufacturers and printing partners, plus they use high-quality fabric that is the perfect blend of polyester and lycra so that the suits maintain their color, size, shape, and quality. I definitely noticed this when I first opened my package from O+O and notice it still 4 or 5 uses later.

It is really soft and gives a good stretch, which is pretty apparent from the fact that Chelsea's suit is a size 3T and she's nearing size 5T. I'm confident this suit will last until Chelsea and Alexa grow out of it.

But enough about the quality, it's the style we can't get enough of! I love that these suits give my girls full range of motion but keep them fully covered! Nothing riding up in the wrong places on these babes! And I loved watching my two matching girls run around with each other all over the splash pad, bows and ruffles bouncing up and down as they went!

And they offer so much more than the solid colors! They have the funnest prints! This Flamingo swimsuit is definitely one of my favorites, but the ice cream cone suit is to die for, too!

I have loved getting to know Danielle through our correspondence together and she is planning so much more! Like boy's swimsuits? YES! I'll definitely be stopping by when those hit the shop!

Anyway, guys. You need these suits for your baby girls. They're my favorite, and forget 4th of July outfits. We're wearing our Olivia and Ocean suits instead.

P.S. Danielle is offering 10% off of your total purchase with the discount code OLIVIAANDSUE so make sure you stop by and tell her I sent you! ;)

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