6 years – Happy Anniversary!

July 31, 2016
Six years. That's a 10-year-old vs. a 16-year-old, or a baby vs. a little kid. You can finish a college education in that amount of time. You can sleep-kick your wife who, in turn, elbows you in the face, then wake up in the morning with only the memory of fighting a bad guy in your dream and getting nailed in the head. You can whisper sweet nothings in Spanish, just because your wife wants you to. You can play chess with this loving wife and pwn her with your mental game SO MERCILESSLY that she decides to never ever play a mental game with you again, then throw a red vine at your head. You can comfort your wife at night when she says she misses her mother and tell her not to worry because one day, she will have a daughter who says the same thing.

You can create a family together in six years. You can take a birthing class with no idea what to expect, then end up playing on the iPad throughout the labor because your wife got the epidural. You can watch the nurses handling your firstborn baby with ease and then hold that precious little life in your hands, terrified that it will shatter if jiggled even the tiniest bit! You can look at that little girl with all the pride of a new parent.

You can have a second baby together, this time standing by your wife, tapping your toe in rhythm, counting, breathing, getting her ice, whatever it takes to help her have the birthing experience she really wants.

You can have a third baby together, and resist leaving for even 15 minutes to get some food. You can watch your daughters meet your newborn son for the first time and almost see Heaven.

You can take your 3-year-old to Disneyland even though you know she might not really remember it and get rained on until your shoes get soaked through, but thank goodness you brought an extra pair for the 3-year-old!

 I don't mean to interrupt all the feels I know you must be feeling right now, but does anyone know why there's a gun-shot hole in that jar of honey?

You can teach your children to appreciate nature and its beauty while enjoying it yourself.

You can buy a house and a mini van to accommodate your growing family. You can paint that house and assure your wife that it looks good when she tells you she's afraid that you've made a huge mistake. You can watch an episode of Seinfeld or "Stranger Things" and then go to bed with the knowledge that someone loves you and tells you with a kiss before you fall asleep every night.

.   .   .

These past 6 years have been the best of my life. When we were engaged, we always talked about working together and being a team. That is how I've always perceived you. As my teammate, my partner, my very best friend. I love making plans with you. I love knowing that there is, and always will be a future with you. I love knowing that great and wonderful things are coming and dreaming about what they might be. I love being married to you!

Happy anniversary, Andrew! I'm so glad we picked each other for our team!

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