November 5, 2016

Forgotten photos | August + September

Every now and then, I go through my photo files on my computer and am reminded what a slacker I am. Haha! So here are some forgotten photos from the months of August and September!

August 13 | CrEATe donuts

CrEATe Donuts is my absolute FAVORITE dessert restaurant, EVER! It's way down in Sandy, which is probably a good thing, otherwise I'd be there every. single. day. Okay, not really, because I can't afford that, but you get the point!

August 18 | Nature Preserve

These pictures are from the first visit we ever made here and we've been there plenty since! You are literally in the middle of a giant, hidden lake! It's less than 10 minutes away, it's beautiful, and it's perfect for photos! This is where I took the VanWagoner Family photos and our Halloween photos! Love it.

August | VanWagoner Family Photos

This family is NOT hard to photograph! Such beautiful people and the lighting? MUAH! Perfect.

August | Kallie's Dress

A while back, I swapped services with the talented Kallie Cooper. She took my family photos, and I adjusted this dress for her!

September | Passey Newborn shoot

This was my first newborn shoot for someone other than my own child and I LOVED it! Just another excuse to snuggle a tiny baby!

I think that's it for now! I love taking photos and capturing moments! I would not consider myself a professional, but I'm grateful for the skills I do have that make it possible for me to take beautiful photos and save memories forever! Thanks so much for stopping by today! See you soon!
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