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November 21, 2016
Mommy Style Monday is a series begun by Kiana from Glitter and Donuts and Madeline from Caseyland so that moms could share their styles with each other on their blogs. If you would like to participate in the next series, click here.

When Andrew and I graduated from college, it was really, REALLY hard to go from being busy all the time to being... not busy. Plus, I was pregnant with my first baby and waiting is NOT a fun game. Imagine that you've missed about 5 Christmases in a row so tomorrow will be the first Christmas you've had in five years. Yeah, that's kind of what it feels like to wait for your baby. But probably a bit more uncomfortable and a bit more impatient.

Anyway, to pass the time, I started learning how to sew and now, 5-years later, it remains my number one hobby. The thrill I get from creating something out of my own imagination, completely from scratch is pretty amazing.

maternity shoot | click here

That feeling of satisfaction and pure creation is such a good one and comes as a result of doing something that you really love. Something that makes you feel special. It's so important for you to have that especially as a mom, since most of your life is filled with meeting the demands of the little ones climbing all over you (and each other!)

beanie tutorial | click here

My hobby is sewing, and I worked hard to get where I am today. Your hobby might be sewing, photography, calligraphy, water color, wood cutting, refinishing furniture, blogging, reading, writing... The options really are endless. The trick is finding the one that charms you enough to push through all the mistakes you're going to make learning it! If I had a dime for every time I picked stitches out of my sewing projects, I'm sure I'd have at least $100 by now.

mountain curtains (nursery reveal) | click here
pom pom swaddle blanket | click here
walter the whale | click here
birthday dress | click here

So find that thing that speaks to you, and will yourself to learn!

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 tutorial coming soon!

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