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September 12, 2016
Family Picture time! I loved preparing for this shoot you guys. Truly. The outfits sorta just came together of their own volition. I spent less time on this dress than just about any other dress I've ever made (which is really saying something!)

But the story behind this shoot is HILARIOUS. It's one of those "hilarious" stories that's not funny at the time, but sorta funny looking back on it. Let's just say, it involves a change of date, a car out of gas, bad timing, a really, REALLY bumpy road at 30 mph, a car breakdown, and a 4-year-old learning a valuable life-lesson about not touching water when you've REALLY got to go (luckily she learned this lesson after the shoot, and the car ended up being an easy fix).

Even though there were A LOT of things that went wrong with this shoot, my photographer, Kallie worked her magic and still somehow managed to produce some beautiful shots of our family. And those floral crowns from Roots Floral Design? SO in love.

Don't the floral crowns from Roots Floral Design just add the perfect little touch? Plus they smelled REALLY yummy!

The best parts of the whole experience happened while we were in the car, though.

After we hit the horrible, horrible holes in the road that broke our car and continued our way up the dirt road, Andrew was cursing under his breath, I was covering my eyes (like the monkey emoji), Chelsea was startled from sleep, not sure what Barrett was doing, but Alexa could be heard going "uhhh-uh-uh-uhhhhhh-uhh-uhhh-uh" over the bumpy road. It was hilarious!

And while we were driving back down the dusty road, Chelsea said the sweetest prayer. She prayed that we would be safe, that we would have a good time, and that Daddy wouldn't hate Family Pictures. Haha! It really was the sweetest prayer I've ever heard.

Thank you so much to Kallie for taking our photos, and thank you so much to Roots Floral Design for our Floral Crowns! I really flipped your world upside-down when I asked you to make our crowns a day early!

And I'd be remiss if I didn't say a big thank you to this guy for totally going with the flow and all the ideas I had for this shoot, from the location to the floral crowns. He is so supportive and perfect for me. I sure do love that soccer-playing, hard-working, fun, hunk-of-a-man!

his smile still melts me. also, there's a photo-bomber in this pic. did you notice? ;)
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