Throwback Thursday! Pom Pom Shirt

May 26, 2016
Throwing it back to probably about a year ago when my love for pom poms really began! I took these photos with the talented Mariasha Rowland Photography and, for some reason, never posted them!

I think I was nervous about posting them because the whole pom pom trend was new and I could easily imagine my brothers and sisters saying, "I remember Mom made me a clown costume with pom poms like those." Haha! Turns out, when I wore it on my birthday a couple weeks ago, my sibs all thought it was really cute! Wear what you love, love what you wear!

Also, I did my very first periscope last week! I wasn't wearing any makeup and didn't have a plan for the scope at all, but it was so fun to be totally one and one with some pretty great people! I'm planning on doing more because I had so much fun, so head on over and be on the lookout for more scopes!

What are you throwing back to today? If you were to throw yourself back to another time in your life, when would you go?

I've been seeing a lot of pics of mine and Andrew's 5-year anniversary cruise and trip to Disneyland from last year on my timehop and I'm thinking a cruise would not be so bad about now... And Disneyland is ALWAYS a good idea. We are heading out for Yosemite next week! I am SO excited! We've invited a couple of friends to come with us this time and it is going to be AMAZING! I can't wait to get back up into nature and do some hiking, swimming, s'mores making... the works. I seriously cannot wait!

Have a great Thursday my friends!

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