May 13, 2016
if you're gonna make a funny face when I take pictures, Andrew, you'd better be prepared to let the world see it! i love my goof-ball husband!
Probably about time I post about Chelsea's birthday from about a week and a half ago!

It seriously was SO MUCH FUN! I stayed up the night before wrapping her presents and decorating here and there. The birthday girl requested breakfast of waffles with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast and none of us complained about that!

Chelsea improved on my decorating methods after breakfast and we had a lot of fun making the house look just the way she wanted for her special day!

My kind neighbor, Debbie, was so sweet and watched Alexa and Barrett for me for about an hour and a half while Chelsea and I went on a little date to Station Park. The plan was to buy her new tennis shoes, but we didn't find any that we really loved. We did find some pretty darn cute converse that looked just like mine (that we BOTH loved), but I'm pretty sure Chelsea would trash those things within weeks, so we left them on the shelf.

On the way back from Station Park, we stopped at Lisa's Passion for Popcorn in Kaysville (YUM!) and bought some DE-LICIOUS popcorn! We are definitely popcorn lovers in this house!

During quiet time/nap time, I made Chelsea's birthday cake with some help a lot of help from one of the darling neighborhood girls in my 16/17 year old Sunday School class (I seriously love teaching those guys!). I really am THE WORST at decorating cakes and cupcakes so I'm REALLY glad that she was available and willing to help a momma out! It turned out beautifully and tasted SO yummy! Wish we had more. Now I'm hungry.

I made taco soup for dinner, once again, at the request of the birthday girl, and then, once Aunt Kara arrived, it was party time!

There was a little bit of a Star Wars theme this year with Chelsea's gifts! She got this totally rad book with stories from all the Star Wars movies (thus far) and we have loved reading them all together at night! She also got some tiny Star Wars action figures. I'm always finding General Grievous in out-of-the-way places (Chelsea always puts the bad guys far away from the good ones).

This marble runner toy is so much fun! We spent at least a half hour making things with it before we moved on to any other birthday activities! I love finding toys that parents and kids can enjoy, don't you?

I legitimately forgot that Chelsea was turning four and put three candles on the cake instead of four. Oops! Luckily, Andrew caught me.

Chelsea had so many people show that they loved her on her special day! Her best little friend, Kenna came by to give her a gift and it was EXACTLY what she wanted. It was so sweet to see that Kenna knew Chelsea so well! What a blessing it is to have such close, good friends!

Our adopted ward Nana brought Chelsea such a fun toy, too! It had little doll girls and puppies, even leashes for the doll girls to walk their dogs and little skirts for the puppies! Chelsea said that she had always dreamed of getting a gift like that! Haha!

When Nana Wright left, I could hardly get Chelsea to say goodbye because the moment those dolls were out of the box, Chelsea went into her own imaginary world. I love that beautiful, colorful mind of hers! Her pure spirit is exactly what our family needs! She reminds us to be passionate, to love unconditionally, and to forgive freely. I know that the Lord sent Chelsea to us as our first child because she is so strong and quite obedient, actually.

We love having you in our family, Chelsea! You are such a joy to us and we can't imagine life without you. Happy birthday, princess! We love you!

I am, by no means, a videographer, but I wanted to document Chelsea during this time of her life, so I recorded this one-on-one interview I had with her! I loved her answers!

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