May 15, 2013
You never know the love that your mother has for you until you become one yourself. Last week at Chelsea's 1-year checkup, we discovered that she had two ear infections. Our doctor prescribed some medicine and then asked us if we wanted to get Chelsea's shots, to which we said yes (just fyi, if your child is sick, don't let the doctor give them shots). The next few days were really difficult. Chelsea contracted a fever that didn't break until Friday night while we were in Idaho with my family celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday. The following night, Chelsea was thrashing, kicking, screaming, and crying uncontrollably and could not be consoled. I have never been more worried in my life. In the car on the way to Urgent Care, I found myself nearly to tears imagining the terrible things that could happen to her. I prayed harder than I have before and tried to keep myself calm by singing hymns.
Luckily, by the time we got to urgent care, whatever Chelsea was dealing with subsided. It's times like these that I am reminded how much love I am capable of. Amidst the stresses of being a mother, cleaning the messes, feeding Chelsea, getting her dressed, etc. etc., I sometimes forget the staggering amount of love that powers all of my efforts in her behalf. It's amazing how love can grow and become more than it was before, and I've never understood that before.
I think about my mother. I think of how she must have reacted when I was hurt or in danger. I think about the times she held me in her arms as I cried and then I begin to understand. I begin to know how much she loves me and appreciate the service she has given.
"Each day, I wake up and go to work in an effort to make something of myself. Mothers wake up each day and stay at home in an effort to make something of others."
Sometimes when I tell people that I'm the last of twelve children, they give me this look as if to say, "What was your mother thinking?" Now that I'm a mother and have gone through what she has only once, sometimes I think that, too. But every time my daughter smiles, every time she laughs, dances, plays, or just lies in my arms, every time I wipe away her tears, or sing her to sleep, I remember why I decided to become a mother. I became a mother because all the messes, tears, and worry is worth the love and joy that comes with it.

This weekend, my grandmother turned 90 years old and so Drew, Chelsea, and I headed up to Idaho to celebrate with her and our family. We threw a beautiful and elegant celebration to match the beautiful life of the most elegant woman I know.

Congratulations Melissa! You are the winner of the Chevron Changing Mat Clutch! Contact me with your home address soon and I'll get you your lovely gift.
Also, thanks everyone for following me on GFC. I now have 100 followers! Please keep stopping by to say hi. It certainly makes me feel good to have so many friends. Thanks for all of your support and kind words.


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  1. We really enjoyed seeing you over the weekend! I'm sorry it was for such a short time. Our week was exhausting and I was utterly spent by the time we got to Twin! I hope to get a chance to see you again soon to visit more and take some pictures!


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