Sun and rain

April 24, 2013
Spring is a lovely time of year. In fact, it's my favorite. It's the time of year when flowers bloom, color is everywhere, excitement is rampant, and smiles are more frequent. This year is no exception in beauty.
However, this spring is tinged with additional feelings. Feelings that somehow both brighten and dampen the season, just like the weeks of both abundant sunshine and rain. This year, my springtime is brightened by the smiles, laughter, and gibberish of the child I now hold in my arms. I live for these signs of happiness and pure contentment from my little joy. When I wipe her tears from her most recent mishap, I can't help but feel joy at the fact that I get to be the one to wipe them away, even as the tears continue sliding down her perfect face.
Then comes the rain. The little sprinkle that, at first, you question. Is it really going to rain, or was that sprinkle just my imagination? Until it comes pouring down, and there's no more question. My little girl is growing up. She will be turning one year old in just a week. What seemed would never happen is now very obvious. Her baby features disappear and are replaced by toddler ones. Little teeth and more hair are the sure signs of a downpour.
But the thing about rain in the springtime, is that it is oftentimes a welcome sight. Rain is what brings the flowers and quenches the thirst. It is what gives life and feeds the earth. Just as the rain falls and immerses the world in its shimmering waters, I too will allow myself to be immersed by this new stage of life. Allow myself to feel the rain on my cheeks, like wet, open-mouthed kisses. Allow it to slide down my fingers like tears from weeping eyes. Allow it to cling to my skin and clothes with its wet hands. Allow it to change, like the ripples in the puddle. Allow it to change me, and watch how it changes the lives of others.
My daughter is the rain and the sun, and I will live both. I will forever welcome the rain and remember the warmth of the sun. I will not forget how springtime has changed me.

 I am very serious about my pine cone collection.

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