Debbie's Birthday

April 28, 2013
This weekend, Drew, Chelsea, and I drove down to Provo to get together with family and celebrate my sister's birthday. It was so fun to be with family and for Chelsea to see and play with some of her cousins. It was so sweet to watch as 8-year-old Aspen entertained Chelsea with silly faces and noises, Hyrum take Chelsea by the hand to play with her, Elizabeth giving her hugs, etc. etc. I count myself extremely lucky to have such a great family.
At one point during our visiting and eating, my brother, Kent, suggested that we share some memories or things that we love about the birthday girl. I shared a couple of things, but as I've been pondering over the great memories I have with my sister, Debbie, I've thought of plenty more. If I were to make this too mushy-gooshy and Debbie were to read this (hi Deb!), she would be so embarrassed, so I'll keep it brief, but entertaining if I can!

1. Debbie always seemed to have candy stashed somewhere in her room and we younger siblings always knew about it. Sometimes Debbie would share the candy, but for a price. I remember acting like a dog on a couple of occasions and even kissing toes.
2. Every once in a while, Debbie would ride her bike to the nearby Junior High School to run on the track and she would take me with her. We would put a pillow on the bar between the bike seat and the handle bars and that's where I would sit while Debbie peddled. It wasn't very comfortable, but I didn't mind, because being with Debbie was awesome and she always made me feel good by telling me how fast I was!
3. Sometimes Debbie would take a "pit stop" at 7-11 and we would get Slurpees!
4. Debbie played softball in high school and as a fund raiser, the team would put on a softball camp. I had the unfortunate experience of getting hit in the face with a softball by a rogue ball. Debbie was by my side in an instant.
5. At the same softball camp, I got it into my head that Debbie liked Amber Petersen better than she liked me because Amber was a better softball player. I told Debbie about it and she said, "Sue, you're my sister! I'll always love you most!" And just to be clear, Amber Petersen is one of the most amazing people I know and I have never had a bad thought towards her. Never.
6. For a while, my bedroom was the room right next to the family room. One night, Debbie had some friends over and they were watching "Poltergeist." A completely ridiculous film in hindsight, but at 10 years old, a little scary. Debbie found out I had snuck in and watched the movie with them and that I was scared. She left all of her friends to come and comfort me. I remember tears being shed and feelings about a recently lost brother being shared along with many loving hugs.
7. Mom and Dad were out of town for the day and Debbie was at a softball practice when Emily, Kent, and I came up with the most brilliant idea of all time. We connected not one, not two, but THREE hoses to the swing-set and the trampoline and were jumping from one onto the other (swing-set to trampoline, that is). When it was my turn, I slipped on the wet swing set and managed not to fall off, but somehow gauge myself on a long screw sticking out (a mystery which to this day has not yet been solved). Not having anyone at home who knew how to drive, Emily called our grandmother, aunt, and neighbor who took us to the hospital and left a note for Debbie that read something like this:

Susan got hurt.
We've gone to the hospital.
Everything is fine.
Come when you can.

Debbie, upon receiving the note drove quickly to the hospital and sat by my side while the doctors stitched me up.

8. Debbie always volunteerd to be the camera-woman for our videos. Probably because she didn't really want to be in the videos.
9. Debbie played softball at BYU-Provo and I always loved supporting her at her games.
10. Debbie taught me how to throw a softball the right way... When I was 20 years old. She says, "It's never too late to learn how to throw right!"
11. Taught me how to "Pound it!" and "Blow it up! Blow it up, I say!"

Happy birthday, Deb! You are awesome! Love you lots!

This is how WE light candles!

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