December 15, 2012
I'd firstly like to say that my heart goes out to the families involved in the Sandy Hook shooting that happened yesterday. I can't imagine the terrible grief these families must be experiencing right now and I hope that at this time of year, perhaps they will receive some comfort from remembering that Jesus Christ was born and died for a purpose, and that purpose was to make it possible for all of us to return and live with him again.

I know I promised this weeks ago, but like Christmas, it's all about anticipation, right?
Well here she is!

Da da da daaaaaa! The Russian Hat for Babies!

Just posted her on Etsy for a totally affordable price! I'm not even joking about this. Every time Chelsea wears it out and about, I get at least two compliments and probably have hit an average of four compliments per outing. Seriously, I'm not even over exaggerating.
So there you have it! Don't have a little one of your own? Buy it for your neighbor or niece! Perfect for Baby Showers as well! Guaranteed they won't receive a gift like this from anyone else! Check it out on Etsy!
Merry Christmas!

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  1. I can vouch for the compliments. I was carrying Chelsea when we got at least one. Really a great little hat!


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