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December 10, 2012
Another thought:
Possibly a little-known fact to some of my readers is that I am the last of twelve children. Before I continue, I would like to write a couple of my favorite reactions to this statement.

1. What?
2. Twelve?!
3. Nuh uh!
4. No way!
5. Wow.
6. Prove it! (Okay, that one came mostly in kindergarten)
And my most favorite reaction of all time:
7. Your mom's a WARRIOR!

If you can give me a better response than the last one, then I will give you a cyber high-five and write it down for future generations to enjoy.
Anyway, it is true. I am the last of twelve children, and yes, I am spoiled. Be jealous. But being the last of twelve kids wasn't always easy. For one thing, by the time I came around, Mom and Dad already knew all of the tricks! I ditched school once because I knew Mom and Dad would find out if I did it more than that, I never snuck out at night, and I have NEVER gone toilet papering. Contrary to popular belief, I still had a childhood. I was also the recipient of many hand-me-downs, and teasing galore! I guess that's why I married the tease king (who happens to be the oldest in his family).
The hardest part of being the youngest of twelve siblings, however, wasn't the teasing, the hand-me-downs, or even the no toilet-papering. The hardest part was finding myself. I had eleven older brothers and sisters who each had a talent that they were not only proficient at, but excelled. Sometimes I would start to cry and ask my mother, "What's my talent? Kim's good at Violin, Becky has the piano, Jim is good outdoors, etc. etc. There's nothing left for me!"
As a result of this sad and slightly pathetic lament, I tried cheer leading, pole-vaulting, hurdles, and even water ballet, but none of them really seemed to fit.
It wasn't until I got to college that I realized that no one has a label. None of us have to out-do the other and just because Emily has a talent doesn't mean that Carrie can't share it. We're all given talents, and more than one. Just because you share a talent doesn't mean you're not unique. Even among eleven other people who look like you and talk like you, you are still an individual.
Now that I look back, I feel very blessed that I got to try so many different things and I made it so that I'm individual enough. One talent does not define me or any of my siblings. We are all individuals.
A very dear friend of mine once asked the question, "Do situations create and shape people or do people create and shape situations?" To this question, I asked another. "Liz, how do you come up with these questions?" Now maybe a year later, I think I've come up with my answer.
You can allow a situation to define who you are. You can allow it to overcome you and decide how you will live your life. Or you can make a choice. You can choose whether you will defy your circumstances and situation in life or let it become a part of you. You can even let it rule you. Life is all about your choices and the risks you are willing to take to make those choices. The question is, are you willing to take the risk?

 Ninth grade cheer. Represent!

OKLAHOMA! This was the most fun I had in any play I've ever been in!

 Do I look legit?

Because I totally am.
Don't feel bad. You're not the first person to say "I could high jump that."

And the best risk of all?
Which begat this:

 I can't believe that she was ever this little!

If you want some more photos of this doll, follow me via instagram.

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  1. I am dying over the picture of Chelsea looking out the blinds. That is a FANTASTIC photograph in every way. Took my breath away.

    1. Thanks, Angie! That means a lot, especially coming from the woman who took 8 of the 13 photos on this post! But it's the subject that makes that picture stunning!

  2. I love that 9th grade cheer pic...so great!

  3. So fun to read. I can't believe you didn't outfox Mom and Dad and go Toilet Papering ... oh wait. I forgot, Jacob, Mom, and I did your toilet papering FOR you!!! Anyway! I think it is cool that you tried so many different things. You are ALWAYS amazing at EVERYTHING you do. I hope that someday I can be like you! Love ya!


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