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December 8, 2016
A while back, I was walking through Joann's and every now and then, I find fabric that is so beautiful, I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to make something out of it!

This fabric is so soft and thick and warm and is perfect for the dry Utah weather we've been experiencing!

Alright, seamstress gals out there! Ready for a tutorial?!

You will need:
2.5-3 yards fabric (depends on the length of your sleeves)
Matching thread
Contrasting fabric for elbow patches
Model shirt (fits well at neck and arms)
Scissors, tape measure, etc.

Step 1: Pieces
Use a shirt that fits well at the neck and arms as a pattern, then, instead of following the model shirt's side seam, take it out to the side (like in the drawing). Measure from the arm-pit of the shirt to the length you want it, to determine how far to take the circle shirt out then curve down to the fold, making it the same length from your chest to the hem as it is from the armpit to the outside edge. And don't forget to add seam allowance!

Step 2: Sew
Pin the shirt pieces with right sides together at the shoulders and side seams. Sew.
*If you're doing the optional elbow patches, now's the time to sew them on! Just pin the patches to the sleeve pieces and zig zag stitch them on!
Pin the sleeve piece along the length of the sleeve with right sides together. Sew, and repeat with the other sleeve piece.
Turn the sleeves right sides out and pin it to the arm holes of the shirt with right sides together. Sew.

Step 3: Neckline/Collar
Measure around the neckline of the shirt and subtract 2-4 inches (depending on the stretch-ability of your fabric). Sew the two shorter ends of the collar, right sides together. Fold the collar in half with wrong sides together, hot-dog style, and iron flat. Line up the seam of the collar with the center of the back on the neckline. Pin the collar to the neckline, stretching to make it fit. Sew.

Step 4: Hem
Hem around the entire circle of your shirt (the shirt is probably more like an oval than a circle, but let's not be too technical!) and around the wrists and you're done!

I don't always try to look perfect for pictures! ;)

Good luck!

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