Grandma Wilson's 80th birthday!

December 5, 2016

Back in October, Andrew's wonderful Grandma, Margaret turned 80 years old! She is one spectacular lady! I don't know that I've ever met a woman quite like her. She works harder than just about anyone to keep her family united and involved in each other's lives and from the moment I walked into her door all those years ago with Andrew to meet his family and started calling her "Grandma," right off the bat, I've felt so accepted and loved by her.

To celebrate her birthday, we threw a surprise party and boy, was she surprised! We even got her to cry! But, I think that might have been more because she thought that everyone had forgotten it was her birthday. Next time, we'll try to surprise you without making you think we've forgotten, Grandma!

Andrew's sister Lauren even put together a book with letters from all of her posterity and in-laws. She loved it.

Happy birthday Grandma! Thank you for loving me, accepting me, listening to me, giving me advice, letting us live with you back before Chelsea was born, and continually involving us in your family. We love you SO MUCH!!!

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