Thoughts from the week and my favorite Sunday Outfit

March 8, 2015
It’s okay if my house isn’t spotless all the time. Toys all over the floor add… personality!
Waking up when Chelsea wants me to isn’t always easy, but the days I decide to get up quickly and happily with her go much better!
Walks with friends in the morning make for a great day, guaranteed!
Chelsea is probably not going to be the pretty princess little girl that I had always kind of imagined having. I got my tomboy first!
My daughters are absolutely beautiful.
This warm weather is making me think of Summer-time, and I can’t wait!
The best part about 1:00 church is that Spring Daylight Saving doesn’t affect you too much.
Don’t over-police your toddler.
Prom dress alteration makes for a great skill to trade for babysitters.
I need to plan out my week better.
I need to get back on the ball with blogging!
The Habit Burger is super good!
I’m not here to be a perfect example. That is what Christ is for.
By the time I leave this earth, I will be an expert at apologizing!
Sometimes I expect too much of myself.
Forgive yourself.
Depression comes from living in the past. Anxiety, the future. But peace comes from living now.
My ward role-model gave me a hug today and made me feel so loved.
Tried a new cookie recipe and, boy, is it yummy!
I am so grateful for my hard-working husband!
This is probably my most favorite Sunday outfit!
  IMG_9801  IMG_9803    IMG_9807   IMG_9810  ^^top – Kohl’s, cardigan – Plato’s closet, skirt – me, shoes – Charlotte Russe, all jewelry – f21^^
I found this fabric at Hancock before Christmas and knew I had to make something out of it, so a skirt it was! The best thing about it is that it’s made of a denim material so it’s stiff and holds its shape better than most skirts. Definitely a favorite, and NEED to make more! What do you think? Do you like the pleated skirt style?
This is going to be a great week!

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