Easter Dresses 2015

March 30, 2015
True to form, I spaced that Easter Sunday this year landed on General Conference (the weekend when leaders of my church and the Latter-Day Prophet address the world with instruction and uplifting from the Lord). Therefore, the Sunday before Easter (today) would be the day when my girlies got to wear their pretty dresses.
I didn’t remember this fact until last night, which meant staying up until 4:00 AM to get these beauties ready. Was it worth it? At the time, I wasn’t so sure, especially since the girls were both a little sick and I didn’t think we’d make it for all three meetings anyway, but after I took these photos, I decided that it totally was (and that I would be taking a nap later on for sure).
IMG_0847 edit01
Chelsea’s dress is based off a dress I found on Pinterest from Nordstrom. I decided that making the girl’s Easter dresses is a tradition I’d like to have (do any of you have that tradition?), so instead of buying it, I found some similar fabric online and got busy!
IMG_1067 edit01
Chelsea love it! She calls it her “Cinderella dress” because it’s blue, just like Cinderella’s. <3
IMG_1076 edit01
IMG_1085 edit01
I’ll admit, it’s a little bigger on her than I intended it to be (I thought she was big enough to fit into a 4T!), but the good news is that it will fit her for a loooooooong time!
IMG_1101 edit02
And Alexa! I’m sure you’ve seen this dress floating around on Pinterest. I love the shop that sells these dresses, but because I was able to find the EXACT same fabric online, I decided to save some money and make it myself. Did I save money? Yes. Did I save myself time, exertion and sleep? No. Do I love it? Duh.
IMG_1044 edit01
IMG_1049 edit01 
I was super bummed that I didn’t have enough time to sew my Easter Outfit to wear, but my Pretty Periwinkle Shift Dress was a suitable substitute!
IMG_1191 edit01
I’ll just have to find an excuse for all of us to get dressed up next weekend! “Because I said so,” normally works pretty well.
Have a great week everyone!
IMG_1047 edit01

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