Tutorial: twig candle home decor

November 7, 2014
I am slowly, but surely working my way towards home decor craftiness! It’s a pretty magnificent feeling, to not be intimidated by crafts.
The best part about this craft is that, not only can anyone, and I mean anyone, do it, but it probably cost me about three dollars. I am all about the cheap crafts, my friends. So here’s what you do:
IMG_7961 edit01
You will need:
  • twigs
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • candle or glass jar*
  • pruning shears
*I haven’t tried lighting my candle yet because I’m a little worried about accidentally burning my house down, but I have used the candle warmer and no problems so far! If you’re worried about your house burning down, just use a jar.

IMG_7970 edit01
Step 1: Select your twigs from a dead tree and use the pruning shears to clip them off.

IMG_7974 edit01
Step 2: Cut the twigs to the correct size, just a little taller than your candle or glass jar. By-the-way, the Hazelnut Cream candle? Mmmmmm…

IMG_7987 edit01
Step 3: Use the hot glue gun to glue each twig to the glass.

IMG_7991 edit01
Step 4: Fill in any gaps.

IMG_8000 edit01
Step 5: Clip twig length if necessary.

IMG_8106 edit01
So easy, right? I love that it gives my home a more “fall is in the air” feel and that I’m bringing the outdoors in and reusing something that otherwise would just be thrown in the trash. It’s great to turn “trash” into treasure.
So what crafts have you been making this month? Are you a developing crafter like myself? Or a seasoned one? I’d love to see your projects!

Oh! and by-the-way, I’ve been sewing like a mad woman over here, because I have fallen COMPLETELY in LOVE with little girl’s tunics! You saw the plaid one I made for Chelsea, and if you follow me on instagram, you saw a bit of Chelsea’s Fox Tunic pajamas. Well, I’ve also made a Mustard Yellow Polka Dotted Girl's Tunic and have it available in my shop! I’ll be sure to take some pictures of Chelsea in it so you can really see how it looks!
Be sure to stop by!
IMG_8193 edit02
 IMG_8194 edit02
 IMG_8198 edit01


  1. I love the candle idea!! Will look amazing for christmas I think.

    AND, that tunic, oh my god. So beautiful!


  2. Thank you so much, Chloe! I didn't even think about how well it will work for Christmas-time, too! And Chelsea looks so cute in it, too! Thank you so much!


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