Chelsea-isms + New in shop

November 5, 2014
I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new item in my shop! I’ve made a couple of these adorable tunics and I love them so much! The oh-so-trendy plaid, the comfortable loose-ness, the warm flannel… What’s not to love? I have to admit, Chelsea has worn hers a couple of outings in a row (okay, more than that if we manage not to get it messy throughout the day).
IMG_7721 edit01  IMG_7732 edit01
IMG_7825 edit01 
Now here are some Chelsea-isms! Can you believe that she’s 2.5? I can’t.
IMG_7650 edit01
  • I’m so frustrated!
  • She’s screaming her head off!
  • I’m freezing like a bird!
  • Thank you for peek and boo.
  • Mommy, you’re my first buddy!
  • “Up we go!” (quote from Wreck it Ralph)
  • I’m making you a dress!
  • So, how was work?
  • I get the door!
  • Sure!
  • Ah! Spiders coming!
  • Mommy, sing ABC song.
  • uh-LEKSSSS-uh (we’ve been teaching her how to correctly pronounce her sister’s name)
  • Don’t push. We give hugs and kisses!
  • Wanna play at Kenna’s house!
  • Mommy and Daddy get married in temple!
  • That’s pretty funny!
  • No! Don’t sew!
Chelsea has such an upbeat, energetic personality! She is pretty strong-willed and has A LOT of opinions. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I struggle with it, but as a friend recently reminded me, I’m not trying to raise submissive door-mats. Chelsea’s independence and energy are a part of who she is and although it may cause me problems sometimes, they are what will see her through her life and make her strong enough to handle whatever comes her way and smile.
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