Motherhood moments and Friendship

March 30, 2014
Every now-and-again, there are moments in motherhood that are totally and completely heart-melting. I think that's what makes being a stay-at-home-mom worth it. Amidst the tantrums, Oatmeal, owies, and watching the same movie over again for the one-millionth time, you experience so many of those moments, and they can occur at any time, even while eating an apple.


"We need each other." This is the message that came through to me last night as I listened to the (now) semi-annual General Women's Conference**. As women, we need deep, satisfying relationships with each other. What a blessing it is to be a woman and to have the ability to connect with others in that deep and satisfying way, but even though the ability is there, effort is required to bring that quality out. Some people are very shy and asking them to open-up to another woman is like asking them to step outside of everything that makes them who they are and put on an entirely new personality. When we do take that brave step towards friendship and connection with others, it's amazing what can follow.

When I moved into our new home, of course, I was concerned about finding and making friends with my neighbors. In October, another family our age moved in down the road. I spoke with the mother at church and we planned to get our children together for a play date. We got together every day that week and since then have become babysitters for each other, confidants, advisers, and friends. We have developed that deep, meaningful, satisfying relationship.

I pray that my daughter is able to find one of these kinds of relationships and that she can be the person that others look to for that companionship. I hope that each of us take some time to reach out to the women around us and find real friendship. What a blessing it is when you find it.

Have a meaningful, and fulfilling Sunday!

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**For more information about the messages shared during this conference, visit and be sure to tune in for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Conference next week on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. That meeting was so awesome! And I love the application that you pointed out. Such a good reminder that we really do need each other. And Chelsea is such a sweetie!


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