HOGLE ZOO 11/9/13

November 13, 2013
Every now-and-then, I think it's important to take a break from the house, the finances, cleaning, etc. etc. and just enjoy a day out with the family. With winter coming on, it's especially important to take advantage of every nice-day-opportunity you have.

Our "break from real life" happened this weekend with some good friends of ours who are also our next-door-neighbors (could life get any better? I submit that it could NOT!)

So, we packed the babe in the car, stopped at the store to grab an umbrella stroller and some shoes (the babe is growing!) and made our way through the Saturday Game-Day crowd up the hill to the Hogle Zoo. It took us a bit to get there, but we had a good time watching the marching band, cheerleaders, etc. walk/or march by on their way to the game, and I hoped that, with everyone at the game, the zoo wouldn't be too crowded (and it wasn't!)

We saw so many creatures on our walk through the zoo! Chelsea's favorites were the wombats, the mara, the seals, the yellow monkey (didn't catch the name of that one), and this red, white, and black snake that seemed to take an interest in her, too! My favorites were the giraffes and the seals, and Andrew's favorites were the tiger, jaguar, gorillas, and sea lions, even if some of them were too sleepy to pose for us.

IMG_4040 edit01  10

I couldn't help thinking of Gollum as the little yellow monkey searched through his grass on the floor. "Where is it, my precious? Our birthday present. Precious."

It was a little chilly, especially for little L, but we had a great time together as a family and were so glad we got to join Amy, Nate, C and L. So sad we didn't get to see the polar bear that we hear is ALWAYS very active, and hope that he makes it through his surgery okay!

Take the opportunities to get outside while you can, my chilly friends! And my warm friends? Be grateful you have it and can always go home to your sunshine when you visit us chillies.
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  1. Love all the pics! Your baby girl is so cute I could just eat her up!! Haha looks like it was a fun time! :)

  2. Aww looks like such a fun day! :) I used to love going to the Zoo as a kid! We just went back a couple of summers ago just me and my hubby


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