Hello J-Lo!

November 6, 2012
I was watching "What Not to Expect When you're Expecting" a few weeks ago (it's a really fun movie, by-the-way and made me want to have another baby!) and in one of the scenes Jennifer Lopez is wearing a dress that's really simple, but I really liked it! I re-watched the scene and I thought to myself, "I could TOTALLY make that dress. So I went to the store and bought my fabric (which was on sale) and came home to start working on it. I'm pretty sure this dress took me no more than two hours to complete.

Here's what you'll need:
1 1/3 yrds. of fabric (or double however long you want the dress to reach)
Thread and notions

That's it!

1. Measure from your shoulder to the length you want your skirt and add two inches. I wanted mine to go to my knee.

2. Lay out your fabric still folded and cut along the fold line.
3. Leave your fabric with one piece on top of the other, measure, and cut both pieces to the length you measured from your shoulder to your knee (wherever you measured it to), making sure you leave 2 inches for seam allowance.

4. At the top of your fabric, where you want the neck to be, cut out a 10 x 4" semicircle on the front piece (or however far down you want your neckline minus 1"), and a 10 x 2" semicircle (or semi-oval) on the back piece. I folded my fabric in half so I could be sure to get my semicircle

5. Pin the sides of your fabric right sides together, leaving about 16" from the shoulders on both sides unpinned. This is where your arms will come through. Pin the shoulders as well (fabric at the top that's not the neckline.

6. Straight stitch where you've pinned and follow that up with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.
7. Zig-zag stitch your neckline, sleeves, and bottom then hem, or just do a double hem for them all instead.

Throw a belt around the waist and that's it! So easy, so cute!

And some photo edited ones... Just for fun!

I love my little girl!

Happy sewing!


  1. Okay, I LOVE this dress!
    I literally just finished watching that movie like 1/2 an hour ago and thought about how much I loved that dress too!! Ha!
    Go you!!

    1. Oh my goodness! What a coin-ki-dink! Seriously, you see her in that dress for, like, two seconds, but in that two seconds... magic happens... Thanks so much!

  2. 4 thoughts:
    very cute blog makeover!
    I love that movie.
    the dress turned out awesome!
    love the fabric you used.


    1. Thanks so much! The best part about the dress, that I should mention in my post, is that it cost me a grand total of $12.00! LOVE fabric on sale!

  3. Stinking cute!!! Oh my gosh, that is SUCH an adorable dress! I love it! And it's even cooler that you MADE it! Wow you are so talented!


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