California 2014 – Grammy and Opa’s house

September 20, 2014

We took advantage of the beach, pool, and scenic attractions as much as we could, but sometimes, it was nice to just stay at Grammy and Opa’s house and play. It was especially fun for me to experience some of the things that Andrew enjoyed as a high school student when he had more time for recreation, like long-boarding. I look like a dork trying to ride it, but the important thing is that we were having fun, and I didn’t die.




IMG_6112 edit01

longboardingcollage04 IMG_6123 edit01

It’s important to do young, silly things with your spouse sometimes. In fact, Andrew and I need to do these kinds of things more often. I promise we’re not totally lame. I’ll blame it on the life-changing experience of welcoming child number two.

This is Grammy and Opa’s backyard. Chelsea loved it back there! She and the dog, Libby, would go out there and just chase each other around and explore. Seeing her having so much fun with Libby almost convinced me that we should get a dog. Almost…





It’s fun to have fun! We miss you Grammy and Opa! Thanks for having such a fun backyard!

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