10 do's of taking your littles to the beach

September 9, 2014
The first time I ever saw the ocean was when I was twelve years old. I didn't see it again until I was sixteen, and then I married my dream California boy, which means that every now and then, we get to visit the sun and sand on the west coast!

We've been to Oceanside a couple of times to visit, but this time, we were there for nearly two and a half weeks! That gave us ample opportunity to visit the beach and learn a few things. I took about a million pictures from each trip, but instead of completely bombarding you with them all, I thought I would choose a few and then impart with you the knowledge I gained from visiting the beach with two littles in tow.

So here are my 10 do's of taking your littles to the beach:
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According to Andrew, the end of August and beginning of September is the perfect time to visit the west coast, and I can testify that he is right. The water was perfect! It was warm, and it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL shade of turquoise in some parts, aqua in others, and dark blue further out, and it was so clear! Plus, there was a hurricane out over the Pacific which made the waves big, but not terrifying. So, hold on to your littles, because waves, big or small, can creep up on you!

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Our first trip to the beach, I had two bags, an umbrella, chairs, and a cooler with lunch. Not to mention a two-year old and a baby in a carrier. Luckily, I had Andrew and Kara (my sister-in-law) to help because I never would have made it with all of that stuff myself. Try to decide what is really necessary for your trip to the beach, and compact as much as you can in one or maybe two bags.

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On my third and fourth trip to the beach with my girls, I realized that I didn't have to do all the work. Chelsea was big enough to pull her own weight, so she started carrying her own sand toys.

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I would suggest arriving at, or shortly after 10:00 AM. It seems like the beach starts getting crowded around 11 and walking a mile to the beach just because you couldn't find a parking space any closer isn't exactly what you and your littles were looking forward to.

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Even the ocean waves, sun, and giant sandbox can lose their appeal when you're tired.

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 Sitting under an umbrella won't cut it! Sun reflects off of sand and even though you're shaded, you can still burn.

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I learned this trick from my friends Annie and Jessica. Baby powder just makes the sand brush off easier and doesn't scratch at your skin like... well, sandpaper.

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If you're the sole pack mule, don't bother with the chairs. Towels will do just fine.

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Hard play makes for hungry tummies! And if you're breastfeeding, wear a suit that makes it easy. I would suggest a halter-top.

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If at first you don't succeed (and if you have the opportunity), try again!

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go so often! I envy you Californians who have the beach at your disposal. Do you have any do's for taking your littles to the beach?

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!
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