August in Review

September 1, 2014
August was a month full of changes, learning experiences, projects, and a whole lot of littles lovin! Here are some of my favorite blog posts from the month of August. Click on the pictures or the corresponding links below to see the post.

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 photo 648b88af-7f2d-4921-a111-5ec24c4908c7_zpscdc781e7.png photo bb8082b2-0005-4b2b-bbc9-fd5851731bec_zps5fc49f04.png photo a40cbff8-d25a-4b26-ac20-54835db98c84_zps1fc2c351.png
 photo 920e941d-5c67-47d8-8f26-60f13ee2fa7c_zps03386faf.png
newborn photos - alexa // hard is good // alexa - one month //
august 2014 - chelsea // alexa - one month specs // pineview //
fidelity bbq - 2014

So many good and fun things have happened this month! We went lots of places, did lots of things, and learned a whole lot about ourselves and each other. Chelsea learned that Alexa isn't so bad after-all, Alexa learned that pooping is actually a good thing (she went WAY too long without), Andrew learned that hiking 85 miles in one week at 11,000 ft. is pretty tough, and I learned that juggling two littles makes for a very interesting day! Our lives are an adventure, and I'm so happy I have this family of mine to share it with! It's been real, August! Thanks for the memories and good times.

Hello September! Can't wait to see what's in store.

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