September 2014 – Chelsea

September 15, 2014
We were determined to soak up as much sun while we were in California as possible, so the days we weren’t able to make it to the beach, we almost always went swimming in the pool. Andrew’s parents don’t have a pool, but a family friend does, plus they had the most beautiful backyard landscaping ever. It was so easy to go to the pool and hang out for hours. Literally. Chelsea could swim with her little floatie on for hours.
Photo Aug 26, 11 14 58 AM (2)
We’ve been potty training for the past week and it has been going really well! I’ve been keeping her naked or in a pair of panties all day and last week on Friday, not only would she take off panties by herself and go on her potty, but she would put her panties back on! Of course, we’ve also had our share of messes, but we’re on our way to being fully potty trained!
Yesterday she wanted to give Alexa a hug, and when she did, Alexa started sucking on her shoulder. Chelsea thought that was a riot!
When Alexa cries, Chelsea will often try to cheer her up by singing her favorite song to her, the ABC song.
Chelsea is very gifted when it comes to physical activity. She was full jumping off the couch with both feet when she was a year and a half, and that ability has only increased since! She also picks up on new physical feats very quickly. We got a balance bike for her when we were in California and it took her probably about an hour to figure out how to get going on it!
She also picks up on words quickly and has no problem communicating herself, except when she feels so passionately about something, her emotions overcome her and no words can describe what she is feeling! Words like “disappointed,” and “unhappy” sometimes just don’t cut it.
Chelsea is getting very good at sneaking up on me! The other day while I was working on the computer, I sensed something in my peripheral vision so I turned my head and, sure enough, there was Chelsea staring at me with those big brown eyes. It was almost creepy.
Another time when I was working on the computer, Chelsea saw a picture of our family and said, “Mommy, Daddy’s a boy.” I agreed, and she continued, “He’s a king. Mommy’s a queen. And Chelsea’s a princess!” I couldn’t agree more, my dear!
While we were in California, we got Chelsea a balance bike and she’s getting pretty fast!
Her latest game is running away from imaginary spiders.
She’s recently decided that saying prayers is not her favorite thing to do, but if we talk about her day before hand, she’s normally willing.
Two things she does not like are changing her clothes and getting in the car seat. Still looking for a solution to that.
She loves to read books with us and so do we.
Even though we have to share our attention with Alexa now, we love Chelsea every bit as much now as the day she was born and feel so blessed to have her.
Photo Aug 26, 11 15 06 AM (1)
Photo Aug 26, 11 15 37 AM (1)
Oh, and by-the-way, the best way to clean up your little one if she goes in the pool, is to use a hose. Just for future reference. *sigh*

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